Female navy divers in an insane action flick from Mexico!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this one!

The whole movie is actually available on Youtube (for now) and I will give you the link later on, but first I wanna present my special cut of this scene, that you should watch first ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is a preview:

(click to enlarge)

And here is my special Frogwoman cut (every second of them included):


These scenes alone raise so many questions….

Well, hard to say why they are using these huge scuba tanks (even a double tank) in the first place as a snorkel might have done the job here as well as they don’t have to dive.

But ok, of course, I prefer them wearing scuba tanks.

And wow, never seen such a “red” face on a female scuba diver in a movie ๐Ÿ˜†

But I guess it was shot in the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico and running around on land with these temperatures, in such a wetsuit, while carrying those heavy tanks……

I guess this was really exhausting and they were sweating like hell in their suits.

Back to the scene: They are swimming to that mine with most likely the task to defuse it.

I don’t see them having any tools for that. I wonder how they are planning to defuse it? Or is there an ON/OFF switch on that thing? ๐Ÿ˜†

Ok, I admit, I didn’t see the whole movie as I don’t speak Spanish, and even if I would I wouldn’t do it from the scenes that I saw.

The underwater sounds sound very familiar, I think these are generic sound underwater effects and weren’t from this scene at all!

But well, the mine goes off for some reason and they are seemingly dead? No one could survive such an explosion close by. 

One of them is shown twitching around underwater, as her body seems intact after the explosion of that huge sea-mine…. oh my….

Why this mine needed to be defused this quickly that they have to jump from the ship while being fired upon….I don’t know.

Perhaps someone can solve this and the other mysteries.

Here is the whole movie with the correct timing to jump into the insane action:


(not my upload….. hopefully, it will stay on Youtube)

Well…. again…..WTF?!?!

Isn’t that navy ship armed in any way? No small cannons, no AA guns, no machine guns, no nothing? Hard to believe… but they are only using their assault rifles to fire upon the bad guys.

Also, the navy guys and girls should be in a big advantage. They are on the big ship, can use cover there (what they are mostly not doing), are better equipped, and still have so many problems in fighting off some goons in their small boats?!?

What I don’t understand at all is….why are all these people just shacking their guns and pretending to fire upon each other???????

It looks like small kids would play with each other in kindergarten ๐Ÿ˜†

I mean, they used this ship, a helicopter, all these boats, had these rifles…… but then no money to buy some blanks???

This way the whole action looks ridiculousยฒ …


This movie is mainly about a female squad of navy soldiers.

Back in 1990 as this movie was made, this was rather unusual.

So, is this movie perhaps feministic?

Well, quite the opposite in my opinion!

I mean most of them are portrayed rather incompetent (for example: the way they hold their rifles) and often are completely hysterical.

This is a rather horrible and sexist way to portray them. Well, Mexico in 1990…. I am not surprised. (wouldn’t be much different in most other countries at that time)

But enough of that, it works as an (unintentional) comedy for me…


The wetsuits are very nice, I wish there would be more and better footage of the frogwomen underwater.

What a missed chance….you have 2 navy frogwomen in sexy black wetsuits(!!!!) ….and then no enemy divers to fight against? DAMN!

What I could do if I had such a budget!

Here is the movie title:


Two covers of this flick as a bonus:

(click to enlarge)


So, enough of me, what do you think about these scenes?

Leave your comment below!


6 thoughts on “Female navy divers in an insane action flick from Mexico!”

  1. If that was supposed to be a dedicated minesweeper ship, then it’s not unbelievable that it wasn’t armed. If there is a meaningful threat level then usually they can be equipped with heavy machine guns or small, by navy standards, 20mm cannons. But usually they’d just get an escort from a properly armed ship instead.
    I actually considered becoming a navy mine diver, but decided against it since the amount of actual diving I’d end up doing was likely quite small.

    • Yeah, hard to say. I just found that it was quite odd.
      But as I mentioned I don’t know the full backstory, as the movie was Spanish dubbed.

      A navy mine diver? Interesting! At least when it comes to real missions you wouldn’t have much to do…I imagine. Lots and lots of training exercises.
      And these would get rather boring after a while…I think.

  2. I love this scene, she looks so damn sexy in that suit, this one is up there with the suit in orca killer whale and killer fish.
    Is that Kristen Scott Thomas playing the vileness? If so that is the sexiest she has ever been.
    Great scene great suit but just could have benefited with more of both.

    • This comment seems to be about “Weep no more, my lady”, you picked the wrong post for it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But no problem. Yes, that’s Kristen Scott Thomas as the villainess.

  3. They both look really hot , in both senses of the word, I would have loved to have seen them doing more action (both on land and in the water ) fully geared up. Also they missed a trick not showing a scene of them changing into their gear. That said itโ€™s a nice scene and totally the high point of the film.

    • Yep, agree on everything.
      And especially, as mentioned in the post, it was such a missed opportunity for a nice scuba fight!
      How many movies do you have with female navy divers? Basically none.
      I would have some evil divers that work for the drug lord. They hide some containers of drugs underwater….so we could have had a nice scuba battle ๐Ÿ˜‰


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