The attractive female scuba killer! [additional scenes + HD upgrade]

This video I edited has three scuba scenes: First, we have a couple scuba diving and testing out some new equipment near a wreck. Then they are with their wetsuits on a boat. Only minutes later one man dives down to that wreck again, but he isn’t alone, someone is waiting for him….the female scuba killer! 😉

Scene 2 is already on this blog but in miserably quality.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, that last scene is really great! Her surprise attack on him, stabbing him, cutting his air hose….a really naughty woman 😉

She certainly makes sure that he won’t survive his dive.

But well, at least he had a really great time before his end…

Here is the IMDB link to that episode:


Your opinion?



8 thoughts on “The attractive female scuba killer! [additional scenes + HD upgrade]”

  1. Very nice though if the truth be told I prefer the woman that is fully suited up. Nice to see they are at least aknowlage good padu dive protocols even if they don’t follow them.

  2. Yeah! Womans dive in swimsuit are cool, but I also preffer full wetsuited .
    In many films, the director makes dive shots of womans out of the water from the chest to the head. I want to ask him: What are you doing, dude? Do you keep the best shots for you? Ha ha.
    Only a few films let us see women fully equipped head-to-toe for diving 🙁

    • There are many movies with female scuba divers in wetsuits. And underwater they are fully shown (normally), but most of these wetsuits are not really sexy (especially the modern ones – in my opinion)

  3. Yeah. Underwater scenes has no problem to let us see complete female divers. The problem is when they come out of the water and are still wet (my favorites). That is when it is often difficult to see them well. Damn directors, ha ha!

    For example, in the tv series The Man from Atlantis, episode “Hawk of Mu”, actress Belinda Montgomery arrives to her submarine and enter through the lock. A crew member open the door and she walk to camera while we can see her black wet wetsuit, with her belts and air tank. The scene lasts for 15 seconds, but it’s wonderful. My favorite forever 🙂

    • You prefer them wet and out of the water? Well, always interesting what folks like… 🙂
      Yeah, checked that scene. It will appear here in the next weeks. Right now, I do have a lot of material waiting to be released.

      • That sounds great.
        Yes. I like female divers out of the water, but wet. The bad thing is that they can only stay wet a few minutes, ha ha!

  4. Fantastic Clip!
    First a litte seduction, then a deadly stab in the guts.
    And finally a cut air hose, just to make sure he is done for.
    She really knows how to deal with a frogman.


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