Waterwoman: Season 2 – German Documentary show about a freediver

Two years ago I made this post:


Well, now there is a second season and Anna von Boetticher can be seen in some more underwater adventures!

If you like to see her in some gorgeous smooth skin wetsuits and/or are interested in underwater topics and sea creatures… this show is for you!

She is wearing those suits all the time as soon she is near the water.

Especially the first episode of the second season is interesting as there is also a sexy female scuba diver… but I enjoyed all the 4 new episodes as well.

Some pictures:

If you live in Germany…. in reality, or with the help of a VPN… you can find all the new episodes (and season 1) here:


Also, some “Waterwoman” episodes can be found on YouTube as well.

Well, the scenes where she is freediving next to the scuba diver… I was hoping they would attack each other 😉 , but of course, that doesn’t happen.

It’s a documentary after all … a very sexy one.

Weekend post and VIP club news + Recomendation!

I am away over the weekend as I am leaving the country for a short vacation/city visit.

So, there won’t be a post on Sunday this week.

Also, the VIP club will get its monthly update, a little later than usual….on August 3!

That means the VIP club members will receive the password as well on August 3.

So, please be patient, it will come 😉

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But I do have a recommendation for you folks!

My TV magazine recommended a documentary named “Waterwoman” some weeks ago which is currently still running on German TV.


I watched all 4 episodes and it was quite fascinating.

It’s about German freediving champion Anna von Boetticher who is holding several national records.

In these episodes, she is diving in Mexiko, Iceland, the Acores, and (under) Budapest…. and she is wearing smooth skin wetsuits while doing so 😉

Yeah, she isn’t exactly the youngest (52), but she looks great in these suits, is highly skilled and the episodes offer great pictures of beautiful underwater landscapes!

So I really recommend watching the episodes, even though there are some obstacles for folks outside Germany.

Yeah, the audio is German and the episodes are only available online here if you are in Germany:


But with a little trick, you might be able to travel to Germany realllllly fast! 😉

*EDIT* February 2024:

A second season is now available!

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