S.O.S. Barracuda TV airing!!!

[last updated: January 24]

In late December I made a post on this cool forum:


….and it’s about time that I post here about in the page as well!


I posted this on the forum on December 29:

Hopefully you know my post about an episode from S.O.S. Barracuda which includes something VERY, VERY, VERY RARE…..
https://frogwoman.org/female-scuba-diver … -barracuda

S.O.S. Barracuda is a german series consisting out of 8 movies made from 1997 to 2002.
During the summer of 2018 I heard that there was a rather fantastic scene (with some flaws) in one of the movies.
But I thought I would probably never see it. These movies weren’t shown since the early 2000’s in german TV and there are no DVD/Blu-ray releases.
Then I made a request for it on my blog.
I was very lucky to get videos files from a friendly guy who read my request about these movies.

I subscribed to an email-alert that I would get if these movies ever would be shown again here in german TV.
Since, as I said, the movies weren’t shown for over 15 years….I had very little hope that they would ever be shown again.
But yesterday I got such an email alert….. :!: :!: :!: :!: …I was quite shocked….in a good way :lol:
On January 23 a first movie of that show is shown on “RTL Passion” (german pay TV).
Oddly enough they show movie number 3…at first. :?:
At my place where I have cable….I can’t get that channel, even I would want to.

I would love to get recordings of all 8 movies.
AS I understand only 2 or 3 have scuba content in it.
But I want all of them in a good quality.
Especially that one with the epic scuba drowning!!!!
Hopefully the channel will show all of them….

I will try to figure out if there is a way in which I could get these movies in nice quality files.
Has anyone experience in recording from a TV airing? In a way that you would have a quality file on the computer afterwards?
I have a digital recorder which I use to record movies all the time. But they are then on that recorder and can’t be moved to anywhere else.
I also have an older recorder with DVD drive, which I could use to get it to the computer….but as I said, I can’t get that channel so….both recorders are not an option in this case.
Perhaps getting it from a streaming site would be an option…

I hope someone here can help with advice!
Or perhaps even record these movies… 


*EDIT* January 24th:

All issues have been figured out and I got the first one, check out the new post from January 24 for the scenes from the first movie.


You can find the answers I got in the forum itself as I don’t want the made this post too long.

Well, I really hope that they will air all these 8 movies, especially the ones with female scuba content off course….

Will keep you updated!



2 thoughts on “S.O.S. Barracuda TV airing!!!”

  1. Hi Siggi80,

    Wow that is fantastic news that those SOS Baracuda movies will be airing! Its a great opportunity to get much high quality clips of all the scuba scenes, especially the amazing scuba girl air hose cut scene above!

    I don’t have any experience getting aired shows onto computer files myself but if you did get them on one of your recorders, surely connecting that box to a PC capture card with a HDMI cable would let you save a digital file version? Maybe other members can confirm that or suggest other ideas?

    I live in the UK so can’t access RTL channels over the air via here but perhaps the channel is available via a streaming service or IPTV offering which would let you record the show to a PC capture card software?

    • Right now, it looks like the only option for me is to buy me access to TVNow for 5 Euro a month. Then I can stream it on my PC. The main question remains how I can record that stream as it most likely will be heavily protected against users who wan’t to download it.
      A shame it doesn’t run on ARD or ZDF the two biggest networks here in germany. They have a streaming portal on which you can rather easily download anything in all sort of picture qualities.

      Well, perhaps someone has access to the channel AND knows how to record it. That would be another great option 😉


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