Our frogwoman attacks the sneaky female diver! Payback time! – Deep Gold, Scene 3

Time for scene 3 of this epic scuba flick!

And now we are getting to the first part of THE main scuba scene of the movie!

The heroine of the movie, trapped in a plane without any air in her tank has to escape the deadly trap!


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And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Well, the first scene with those two was already great, but this one is even better!

One of my favorite scuba fight scenes for sure 🙂

Our heroine certainly has a lot of lung capacity, which was mentioned earlier in the movie as she is an experienced freediver as well.

But it is still a little odd how calm she stays inside the plane, especially as she takes her time to escape the plane.

Lucky for her the other woman is still there (quite odd) so she can get her revenge.

Stealing her regulator by surprise is a great way to not only steal it from her but also use it for herself.

I think the time it takes for the evil diver to drown is hit quite well, maybe a little short, but it doesn’t take very long to drown, especially during such an attack.

And our heroine is just in a great position as she has her in a stranglehold like that. Very hard to escape from that.

I think she could have taken her knife to attack the heroine or could have tried to get her 2nd regulator.

But well, she was totally surprised by this attack and had only very little time to react.

It is also a little weird that she doesn’t take the scuba tank off her before placing the bomb on her.

After all, the evil diver would have needed time to escape the blast of the explosion. Weird that the bomb explodes that fast.

However, this way we get another short, but a nice perilous scene as suddenly a hand grabs onto her leg to stop her from ascending.

Turns out that the diver only wants to help her as she has no regulator and is still quite deep.

Hard to say if she would have made it to the surface without help.

Next week I will post another scene from the movie! (the last one)

IMDB page of the movie:


(….as you can see, the folks without a scuba fetish don’t like the movie that much….)

What do you think of this scene?

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