The “Project F” video shoot on January 29

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So, time for a short post on the latest “Project F” video shoot that happened on January 29.

This time we had 7 hours to shoot. 1 security diver and 4 frogwomen were involved.

Frgowoman Kara returned for her third video shoot, she has participated in all 3 so far.

Frogwomen Alice returned for a second video shoot after she was in the first one as well.

Two newcomers also participated.

Even with 7 hours (instead of the 5 hours from the second video shoot) it’s crazy how fast time flies by.

So much time is needed for setting up the equipment, gearing up, discussing scenes, and packing all the stuff…. that the actual underwater time is pretty short.

All in all, it looks like I will release 7 new videos from this shoot.

2 videos had a script, don’t know how long they will become exactly, as there are 6 video files for each of them.

Right now I would say that 5 or 6 of these videos will be released in the VIP club in the next 3 months (February, March, and April).

The remaining 1 or 2 will be over 4 minutes and therefore released individually.

Not everything worked out as planned and I made quite some notes on what I can do better the next time.

But… I am sure …most of you will like the results!

After all, the costs for renting that pool for 7 hours and paying the security diver and the 4 frogwomen were quite… huge.

So I hope a lot of folks will join the VIP club to secure future video shoots.

I still got big plans…. 😉

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