Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! – Additional clip

Today this will just a short post, but don’t worry….I prepared 6(!) videos for you folks!

Most of it will be placed on my other blog where it does fit just a little better.

So, go over on Maskripper to watch the videos there:

Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! [Hall of Fame] [quality Upgrade]

Have you watched them all? Good.

Yeah, nothing with actually diving….but 6 women in gorgeous wetsuits…who also rob a hotel in a very long scene!

They did choose the right suits for this movie 🙂

I wouldn’t be mind being the hotel manager in this scenario! 😉

Or even better…one of the guys who attack the single masked frogwoman on that boat….

So, as you can watch 5 videos on the other blog….you are right….one more is there for you!

In this short scene the women are testing their equipment while one of them is being in a wetsuit to be the “presenter”:


This will be all for today, but I will upload a “Girls of Thunderball” video in the next few days already (Wednesday or Thursday I guess).

In this video, you will see great behind the scenes footage of the Bond Girls on the Thunderball set. 😉


6 thoughts on “Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! – Additional clip”

  1. One of my favorites, a really funny movie too! Not easy to find out, coming from the far Australia, but is really a classic… Of course, Wendy Hughes and the rest of the ladies are gorgeous and they do a great performance as ladies with the hobby of steal!

    • Yeah, a rather unknown movie with so few votes on IMDB.
      Pretty cool that this UK shop is selling a DVD so you can have it in the collection.

  2. Loved watching them strip into their wetsuits on the beach, with nothing on underneath except towels wrapped around their tits to flatted them so their targets couldn’t tell they were women!
    Also the bit where their boss demonstrates the gear, and one f them goes ‘woo!’ on seeing her walk in in her wetsuit, again with nothing on underneath as she unzips the back to show them her wire.

    • Yeah, they are really going all in on the disguise thing, and I like that. They are concealed really well already and hiding the fact that they are women is a smart move to fool everyone.


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