Hall of Fame – massive update!

I updated the Hall of Fame!

Now you can find my top 13 female scuba scenes (impossible to make a top10 without missing a great scene)


my top 8 women in great wetsuit scenes on that page

Incl. an exclusive clip that can be found only there 😉

Feel free to post your comments on the page!

9 thoughts on “Hall of Fame – massive update!”

  1. Amazing list! Always, I preffer out of water wetsuit scenes (but wet, of course). I love the shine of the wet neoprene in 60’s style suits. In that way, The Man From Atlantis TV series (1978) contains my three favourite scenes. All show us womens y black beavertail wetsuits!

  2. I think she wore a space suit and boiler suit and hard hat as well in some episodes. She really had a great wardrobe when she made the effort!

    • Hah, yeah, Tim smith recommended that series. I checked it and found that scene two days ago.
      It’s on the “material for future uploads” list 😉
      Thanks for the link!

      • You’re wellcome 🙂 Sadly, I don’t find any other scuba scenes in the 16 episodes. Existing other five episodes don’t aired at the original 1979 time but shown in 90’s decade. But I don’t find that 🙁


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