The frogwoman in the sexy wetsuit top …and the FRAUD

For starters, here is the cover of the DVD:

(click to enlarge)

Well, looks promising? Yes, she looks like a female scuba commando! With a wetsuit and a scuba tank.

Well, the bad/sad news first:

She doesn’t dive in the whole movie! FRAUD!!!!!!!!! Where are my pitchfork and my torch???? That cover is just an evil fraud to promote that cheap movie… 🙁

But, on the good side:

She does wear that wetsuit top (really sexy) and undresses down to her bikini. So, after all, there is a good scene for this blog!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

I bought that DVD pretty cheap in a shop. Never heard of that movie, but the cover sold it to me.

First I was pretty annoyed that she doesn’t dive. But at least the movie had this scene….

2 thoughts on “The frogwoman in the sexy wetsuit top …and the FRAUD”

  1. Plus she’s nude under her unzipped wetsuit on the cover, but not in the film. But even though she’s not seen diving, you do get to see her climb out of the water in her scuba gear. & it’s great watching her slowly peel out of her beavertail top, with just a particularly scanty bikini on underneath!


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