An alien frogwoman in a rubber wetsuit!

…..on a boat, underwater, on the beach, and on the streets. Well thanks to “tim smith 3” who remembered the scene and posted about it with a comment, I have a new scene for you!

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Great scene, and the best news, she is running around in that outfit the whole movie/episode! 🙂

Here is the title of the movie/episode:

LINK: Title


5 thoughts on “An alien frogwoman in a rubber wetsuit!”

  1. Well. I saw this episode when I was a child, and the fact is this: that woman is guilty to my love for the wetsuited womans 🙂

  2. Love her in that wetsuit. But would like to know what happen to her after she was pulled into the water. Same for the man that wasn’t wearing wetsuit as she and man in boat. What is name of that power that the two of them use when they holding onto each other?


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