Female scuba diver out of air – Sabotage!

What do we have here? A group of divers that wanna enjoy Australia underwater and one evil-doer that wanna get rid of our featured frogwoman! Will he succeed?

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And here is the scubalicious video:

Here is the link for those who can’t see it on Youtube as it was blocked in some countries:


*EDIT* March 5, 2022:

Time for a proper text!

This scene is equally sexy and weird for me 😉

First of all, every diver is supposed to check the air supply before the dive, so she should have seen, that her tank wasn’t full as she got it….

Ok, then she is down to 50 bar (from 200), normally that is the time where you should be back at the surface again.

But she isn’t in any big trouble now, as with 50 bar she would have air for at least 10 minutes, unless she is breathing very very fast.

So, what happened here from the time she realized that she had only 50 bar until the tank is suddenly completely empty?

I mean yeah, you can sabotage a tank that isn’t “full” when you start the dive. But she isn’t losing any air or so through that sabotage so it’s verrrry weird that her tank is then empty all of a sudden. What has happened in the last 10 minutes?

It’s good that she drops her lead in order to make a quick ascend then, that is the proper procedure.

The drowning here is portrayed ….very….very….odd. I mean she looks as she is basically falling asleep calmly! That won’t happen in reality 😆

She would be in a panic, her mouth open, and so on. And she would be trashing to get to the surface as fast she could.

It looks the one who was responsible for the script here had no scuba experience…

That’s a shame, as it is otherwise a great scene with the sabotage and all that.

And here is the title of the movie:

LINK: Title


4 thoughts on “Female scuba diver out of air – Sabotage!”

  1. Who’s the actress playing the frogwoman in trouble, and the other actress playing the other frogwoman / scuba diver? With also the actress playing the free diver frogwoman?


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