Female scuba diver gets attacked by another diver! [Hall of Fame]

In this clip, a frogwoman takes a little dive….not knowing that someone is already waiting for her…

(click to enlarge)

Will she survive? Or does he succeed with his evil plan?

*EDIT* March 11, 2022:

There is now a better picture quality available for this scene.

I will make an UPGRADE post in the next weeks with a proper text also included.

Here is the new post with better video quality and proper text:



There will be a 2nd scuba action video to this episode…stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Female scuba diver gets attacked by another diver! [Hall of Fame]”

  1. This is a scene from “Tropical Heat, Sweating bullets” Episode: “The Man With The Midas Touch”.
    Female diver is an unknown actress, but she’s playing a character named “Lani Clayton”.


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