Female diver attacked in a cave – [Hall of Fame]

We discussed this scene before and now it’s time to release it!

In this epic scene, a girl dives into a cave…alone.

But soon a sneaky diver appears and attacks her from behind!


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 And here is the video:

Sorry, for the picture quality, but there isn’t a better one available…


Isn’t that a fantastic scene? It is so rare that the air hose of a female diver is cut. I know only a handful of scenes where that happens.

She is quite passive which is a little odd, as she is attacked… but ok, she is attacked by surprise.

You may have noticed that there is a weird cut after her air hose is cut. Suddenly she has escaped the evil diver….what has happened????


There is a second, really good scene with her ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out this post:



*EDIT* March 19, 2023:

The weird cut actually comes from the fact that this scene was split into 2 segments as it was shown in 2 episodes.

One episode ends with her air hose being cut, and the next episode starts with her escape from the cave. #cliffhangerfromhell


Check out my new post (the whole show is now finally available!):


The scene is from this series:






22 thoughts on “Female diver attacked in a cave – [Hall of Fame]”

  1. You seriously waited all this time not to post this to get an answer to something so simple even a blind man could have told you all this time?

    Its obvious from the earlier video that who ever made this clip just roughly edited the crappy non-interesting parts like the kid exhaling and shouting and so forth. The rest is just the show crappily editing it and making sure the main hero survives and keep the villain more mysterious (it was a serie for “older” kids so you can’t insert too much death and destruction especially to main cast).

    • It’s obvious? Ok…
      Well, I know the clip where the kid shouts after her air hose is cut. But it ends there…. You don’t see her surfacing. So, it’s not certain for me, if there wasn’t something cut out.

  2. I remember this series back in the 1990’s when this came out on ITV in the UK. It was called ‘Eye of the Storm’. From my memory there is some missing footage not included in this rough edit. I believe the attacking diver falls victim to a cave in or something with polluted barrels in the cave so that our heroine (character of Nell in the series, played by Cordelia Bugeja) can escape. This was pretty much the main scuba scene in the series however she did use her scuba equipment in other episodes too. I have been searching for more scuba footage of her for years on the internet but no one appears to have retained it from VHS or uploaded it. I hope one day we can see all of her scuba scenes!

    • Hah!
      I knew it. Thanks for this info! I will stay on the lookout too (for the whole series)
      Well, as I said I do have a 2nd scene that is really great too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hi Siggi, great to hear there’s a second scene. When will you have chance to upload it and share please? Can’t wait to see it.

        • Right now I don’t know when that will be. I am thinking about posting it to the VIP-club first and after some weeks on the “normal” site. Hmh, I don’t know yet.

  3. Who ever made the clip obviously edited it for the exact reason: we see her going under and surfacing back, period.theres other points that are edited too but you ain’t worried about missing anything.
    I don’t think he fucked up the recording by mistake or on purpose (btw where did you get this?).
    Other than that good luck searching for a lost serie another ten or more years. Its like that asian scuba drowning scene: you wait almost a decade to see “unedited” full scene only to get disappointed that “this was really IT?! This scene IS actually as poorly edited as it was in the early found clip?!”(its still awesome but from the rough early edit you expected to see more).
    filmcompanies do fuck up editings, especially since it seems to be impossible to hire a female stunt to drown and fight or simply require the actor do her fucking job a’la thousands of series and movies that have potential scenes for a fight or drowning but replaced with a male partner or villains loosing or failing instead.

  4. When you’ve been to this scene long enough to notice how often companies make films with potential scuba scenes and/or plot just to ignore it or replace the only potential scenes with men underwater or just simply breaking that cliche for once that women allways get into trouble and need help by making them allways survive or surprisingly kick ass with the crappiest and clumsiest efforts and “stunts” or that they simply don’t get into any kind of trouble, you will allso get frustrated and disappointed in time how this worls has so little to offer for scuba/drowning fetishists unless you’re into men.

    • Thanks for the link, much appreciated!

      “why didnโ€™t the attacker simply kill the girl with the knife ?”
      Well, that’s not cool. The unwritten rules for attacking a scuba woman only allow two methods:
      – Pull the regulator out and drown her
      – Cut the air hose and drown her (bonus points)


  5. I have noticed in films it is okay to drown a female scuba diver but you can’t kill them with a speargun or stab with a knife but it is okay for a woman to be eaten by a shark or decapitated by an octopus?. By the way she looks hot in that Scuba Pro Wetsuit which was a popular back in the 90’s.

  6. May I also add she was pretty much a lead character so it is unlikely she would end up dead but I can understand why some people think the editing and stunt work is clumsy but then it was a kids TV drama so you have take that it into account, If it was an adult drama and she was a few years older (she was 16/17 when this was made) then I could understand the need for more serious consideration being taken to make the dive scenes more realistic.

  7. Scuba battle scenes are hard to do for several reasons.

    First, the obvious problem is people donโ€™t move well underwater?. Obvious, but people forget how that affects the scene.

    Two, the limited movement and motion makes for somewhat confusing – or worse, boring – scenes, meaning the scene has to be short or well choreographed, which takes time.

    Three, as a result, the writer needs to add one of several occurrences to increase or sustain tension. These occurrences then become cliche.

    Drowning is popular for several reasons. It takes time to happen, allowing a longer scene. It is considered less violent (technically you just need to hold them down). Finally, there is something primal and alien about our fear of water. The calm of the killer is often contrasted with the panic and fear of the victim, who struggles, flails, jerks about as they use precious oxygen and water fills their lungs. It is a terrifying yet intriguing thing to witness.

    Cutting the airhose has a similar style. It is relatively easy. It forces the victim to rush to the surface or seek help. Once again, there is something primal about seeing someone suffocate or drown.

    Finally, while weapons are far more straightforward and effective, they require more work and often cross the line into real life too much.
    A knife, such as in this scene, is very effective against a lone, unarmored, and often unaware person. The throat, head, and chest are all excellent targets. However, it also produces a lot of blood, requiring more effects, meaning more money, time, and effort.
    A speargun is good at range, and can be poisoned if need be. It can incapacitate or kill anyone with a single shot. However, it requires the equipment, talent, and time to work.

    As a result, there arenโ€™t many scenes with weapons and less scenes where weapons are directly used on another diver.

    • Thanks for the info! And you forgot the filming underwater is pretty expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Well, I still hope for new scuba fight scenes in the future…even scuba fight scenes are getting rarer and rarer ๐Ÿ™


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