Female diver with black rubber wetsuit and double hose! – 60’s scuba gear

Hey folks, after the little “easter break” it’s time for a new video!

I really looked forward to watching this particular movie in the hope to see some women in their 60’s dive gear. Well, it was only one scene with one woman…but the scuba gear is just GREAT!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


Even the scene isn’t very long it’s a good one! She has some fantastic gear 🙂

Her black rubber wetsuit and the double air hose…. near perfection!

I hoped to see more frogwomen in that movie and had a tiny hope for some scuba action…but no luck…

Your opinion?

Here is the movie title:





4 thoughts on “Female diver with black rubber wetsuit and double hose! – 60’s scuba gear”

  1. A video clip from a movie that’s base on a true story. I really enjoyed this the adult Philippe Cousteau and Jan Cousteau scuba diving, from the cast that played them. Including Audrey Tautou playing Simone Cousteau. Wasn’t Simone the first female to scuba dive just as she was the first woman to scuba dive?


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