Female diver gets attacked in a cave – [AGAIN]

Ok, many of you should know this Hall of Fame classic:

Female diver attacked in a cave – [Hall of Fame]

…in which a young female diver was exploring a tight cave system. She was attacked from behind by a diver, who ripped off her scuba mask and cut her air hose!

She barely survived that encounter…and now she needs to dive again into that cave system.

And guess who is already waiting to get his second chance to drown her…. 😉

Note: This material wasn’t edited by me in any. I was lucky to find it…and it appears to be from a VHS recording…nothing better is available from this rare 90’s series.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

My opinion on it:

Well, she does look really great in that scuba outfit. Even if the picture quality is far from good.

A very brave girl diving alone into such a cave system… especially after the last encounter with the evil diver who nearly drowned her. She knew that he might be there again and yet she dives in there anyhow.

He does make a (fatal) mistake, first, he reaches for her mask….but he doesn’t (manage to) pull it off. He grabs her mouthpiece and yanks it away. What was his plan with the knife? Does he want to stick that into her head???!!! Very odd idea and he misses it after all. But due to the fact, that she still has her scuba mask on, she manages to see and grab the stone.

I like that she fights back this time…knocking him with that stone…giving her the vital seconds to get away.

Ok, again she is lucky that he is stuck under…that barrel. But after 2 attacks she is still alive and the evil diver is dead after all.

A really nice struggle and fight!

In my eyes not as good as the first one…since I love to see cut air hoses 😉 …but this series managed to produce 2 great scuba scenes in only 6 episodes.

Pretty great job if you ask me!


*EDIT* March 19, 2023:

Check out my new post (the whole show is now finally available!):


And I do have a BONUS scene for you!

I found this on YouTube, but that channel got terminated some months ago.

It’s nothing as great as the 2 fight scenes…but you might enjoy it anyhow:

(not to be found on my public YouTube channel)

Both scenes are from this TV series:



And now it’s your turn!

What do you think of that cave fight?

Please leave your comment below!




10 thoughts on “Female diver gets attacked in a cave – [AGAIN]”

  1. Wonderful scenes. Thanks for posting them. Please do google search Cordelia Bugeja who is th actress playing ”Nel”, our female scuba diver here. She is gorgeous and looks even more stunning today as she did as here years ago inin this 1990s UK TV series. I love her two piece wetsuit here and scuba unit. Imagine if she took on an acting part in a modern series today as the same character and shot new scuba scenes! She would be incredible! One can only dream… 🙂

  2. I’m sure somewhere out there, someone may have cleaner, better quality VHS tape of the series where we could convert it to digital and upscale to HD. Of course the source material from the time will always be what it is, however if any forum members obtains a better quality VHS master, it would be amazing to see a more detail of these scenes one day in the future. Who knows what may surface!

    I did do some research online and the UK production company (ITV Meridian) never released commercial VHS or DVD of the series for individual purchase. Therefore the only way is if the studio master still exists in a vault somewhere or an individual has a better VHS home recording from when the series aired on ITV children’s television in the 1990s.

    • I hope that too…
      The bonus scene is from a different source, and that quality is pretty good. Would be great to see more from that source.

  3. Saw this every time it was broadcast and taped the best bits! As commented above, Nell does look so hot in that wetsuit. For such an eco thriller, surprised it’s not available in dvd, especially in the present climate of eco awareness.

    • Hmh, now I NEED to ask: Do you have more scenes from that series than the ones I posted (the 2 fight scenes underwater + where she swims back to the boat)?
      I (and many others) would be very interested to see more of her!

  4. Yeah, this bad frogman deserves his unlucky fate. I like his moans when the beautiful girl hits him. He seems so weak and helpless. I guess she could easily cut his air hose. She’s quite nice not to drown an enemy frogman but will she save him when he is stuck under oil drum ?

    • Well, I think she just wanted to get away quickly.
      And he is finished, I think he was stuck, and lost his regulator and never retrieved it afterwards.
      He died in that scene (in my opinion).


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