Citadel Below – A very promising movie project – The Trailer

Hey folks, today I wanna share something very special! I was contacted by a reader of this blog, he asked me about my opinion about a self-made trailer. He and a friend are working on a film project involving a huge amount of underwater action! They have the story and the storyboard and wanna present the results to producers. The trailer, as you will see, is made 100% out of clips from different movies and TV series. So the trailer is made to bring the viewers an idea of what the movie will be about. So it’s not a “classic” trailer.

Now he gave me his ok to present the trailer here on my site. This is the result:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the trailer:

The story has a lot of underwater scuba combats scenes with female divers!!!

My idea about this project?

Brilliant idea, promising story! That could be the scuba movie I would make (in my dreams).

Of course, it won’t be easy getting it realized, I even think it’s a very hard sell, but I’m very curious how this project will develop… 🙂


10 thoughts on “Citadel Below – A very promising movie project – The Trailer”

  1. at a time of rising global chaos, one man devises a plan so corrupt yadda yadda yaa – the world’s nations call on the one force that can stop him – [three minutes later] To save four collegues ?

    Seriously, Thats it ?
    You could have ripped off from a nuclear war devastation to any world wide crisis – but to save four collegues ? Seriously this is worse and less creative than any robert rodriguez or tarantinos gun fetish/girl gore movies put together.

    why not concentrate on a basic scale like every 80’s or 70’s movies, with a small group of treasure hunters getting in various trouble. Or just think how you could make “into the blue” better. Its not that hard or even necessary to think of the plot when your all into the fetish anyway. This will be nothing but an amateur movie (hands down!).

    Nothing against a good scuba fight & peril and i seriously hope they’ll make up something. Just don’t try going over the fence, go under it.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jesus. As you have not seen the entire, 2-hour storyboard, I’ll cut you some slack, although after reading your comment, your handle takes on a whole new meaning – and may indicate the need for some help. Had your comment been anything other than persona bashing, my response would take a different tone – but since you had nothing useful to say. . . .

      Perhaps the problem is not so much with the plot, to which there is a great deal more, but is rather with the trailer, and the information chosen to be presented. On the other hand, it could just be you. But yes, essentially, to rescue four colleagues. An agency would normally never consider such an action – you get caught, it’s your tough luck. Disavowed. So, what could have motivated the agency to go against SOP in this case? The plot thickens, as thy say. But of course, that escaped you, didn’t it? You just assumed . . . over and over and over.

      We never expected this to get everyone’s stamp of approval – nothing ever does. But if we categorize the responses of several hundred now, it would look like this: Negative – Jesus (0.5%). Neutral: < 20 (10%). Positive – Rest of the comment sample (89.5%).

      Considering that negative responders are more likely to respond, I guess we’re not doing all that badly, are we?

      • Having given some thought to the words of Jesus, (oh Lord, did I really say that?), I think, hidden in the shadows of his bellicose prattling, there may be some legitimate issues. The issues I think, are with the trailer. I have thus made some minor refinements to the trailer, and have re-posted it on YouTube at Although minor, I think the changes clarify somewhat the plot as laid out in the full storyboard.



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