A sneaky female diver attacks our frogwoman! – Deep Gold, Scene 2

Time for scene 2 of this epic scuba flick!

And now we are getting to the first part of THE main scuba scene of the movie!

The heroine of the movie, now dressed in a latex(!!!) suit is going on a dive with another woman who has special instructions 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

If you see all the scuba scenes in this movie and that latex catsuit the heroine is wearing…. well, I am sure the director of this movie Michael Gleissner has a fetish or two 😉

He also is one of the producers, the main writer of the movie and also is the villain in it! (the guy standing on the boat at the beginning of this video)

I mean why would the woman wear such a latex suit (which isn’t fitting very well) for a scuba dive? Well, either her character in the movie has a special taste or the director/producer 😉

My bet is on the director/producer!

Also, we get quite a lot of scuba peril scenes in this one…. so, I think that the director and myself have some things in common.

Clothing aside this first part of that scuba action scene is great! There are VERY few scenes where the air hose of a female scuba diver gets cut and even fewer scenes where a female scuba diver is the attacker! I love it 🙂

The sound and the visuals of her sliced hose spewing bubbles… is quite something!

The fact that she traps her in the plane is a bonus aspect as well.

Of course, the heroine won’t die like this in the middle of the movie (it’s not Psycho (the movie)) so, she can survive with that air pocket and her freediving skills.

Next week I will post the second part where our heroine takes revenge on her sneaky attacker….

IMDB page of the movie:


(….as you can see, the folks without a scuba fetish don’t like the movie that much….)

What do you think of this scene?

Leave your comment below!

4 thoughts on “A sneaky female diver attacks our frogwoman! – Deep Gold, Scene 2”

    • Have you seen the same video as I did? 😉
      Or did you want to comment on another blog post?

      None of them are wearing cold water diving suits. One of them is wearing a latex suit, which is highly odd, and the other one is wearing a standard neoprene shorty.
      After all, this takes place in the Philippines, the water is relatively warm there.
      Also, none of them is wearing a full-face diving mask. They are just wearing regular scuba masks. Full-face diving masks cover the entire face and mostly have a regulator built into the mask.
      Agree on the wrestling part, even if it’s only short in this scene. But a longer wrestle will follow.

  1. I think it’s SURE that the director strongly wanted this movie to give vent to his fetishism, but we can only be happy about this!!!! On the web at the time of the movie’s release there were some videos about the preparation. In particular, in one video (which I saved even if it was in poor quality) there was the scene of the regulator removed from the enemy’s lips – a scene rehearsed several times with different actresses. I’m pretty sure the director loved this scene a lot. About Bebe’s catsuit… I find it fantastic. When will we ever see a beautiful girl in a latex suit drowning an opponent by removing her regulator????

    • Yes, I’m not complaining about his fetishism, more folks should build in elements like here in other movies 😉
      I remember that “making of” video as well. There is an extended version of the 3D Bluray that I have in the collection.
      Pretty sure he also had a lot of fun during these rehearsals 😉


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