A female diver loved by two guys…and a cave dive…. [Blog exclusive]

Thanks to “E. C.” I watched another promising movie! We have three Norwegian soldiers that are best buddies since they served in Afghanistan. One woman and two guys. She is now together with one of them. But the other guy still has feelings for her too……. and he is ready to do what it takes to get her…

They are exploring a cave system that is partially underwater.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


(it was banned from Youtube)

Ok, I admit: The main peril scene clearly belongs to the friend of our frogwoman. He runs out of air..manages somehow to reach the surface to be drowned(?) by his “friend”.

But seeing her with her little panic attack after discovering the dead body wasn’t bad either…

I know I did produce a cliffhanger at the end of the video….but you should see the whole movie if you get the chance. And I wanted to have the video a certain length (not too long).

There aren’t any other (scuba) dive scenes in the movie, but as a bonus she runs around in a wetsuit for 80% of the movie(!!)…. well, not a real sexy one for my taste…but still nice to see:

….however there is a freedive scene with her in that movie.

If I had made the movie:

I would have made a gender swap. One guy loved by two women. They dive on separate paths and both women start to fight underwater. One attacks the other one from behind and a long struggle would follow. Perhaps with knives and a cut air hose 😉

If you wanna know the title of the movie:


So, what do you think about that scene?

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2 thoughts on “A female diver loved by two guys…and a cave dive…. [Blog exclusive]”

  1. This girl is quite attractive. I like when she discovers frogman trapped into cave. I guess he lost his way then ran out of air and found his watery grave. I didn’t see this movie : what’s the story of this frogman ?

    • That is only explained in parts. The cave system is forbidden to the public. But a group before these 3 were in it before. They find a tent and some blood…
      Perhaps the evil guy and an accomplice did that. If that frogman died by murder or by accident…I think it’s not revealed.


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