Female diver VS armored diver [For your eyes only][HD upgrade + a 2nd video]

[2nd post for today]

It’s about time to finally upgrade that brilliant, sexy scene from “For your eyes only“.

I now present the complete scene in HD and a….”naughty” little video in addition 😉

James Bond (Roger Moore) goes to the bottom of the sea with Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) to salvage a secret communications device before the villain can get it.

But of course, they are not alone…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, a legendary scene for me! The air escaping from her air hoses + her reaction to it….pure GOLD!

That’s why this scene is in my Hall of Fame. 

It’s a pretty odd plane of the evil guy…let’s push her higher…so that her air hoses might rip….

I don’t know if that would even work…but …..THANKS to the screenwriter who thought about that way 🙂

I would say he could have used the cutting robo-hands to attack her…ok, maybe his range was too short for that. I think the movement is very limited in that thing.

The only two things I would actually change:

The “suits” of Bond and Havelock are pretty unsexy. It looks like they had no real dive suits and took some rain clothes that Q found in the basement somewhere.

Real wetsuits would have been much better (for me).

If you look carefully at the closeup-shots…you might notice that the actress isn’t actually underwater! The problem was that Carole Bouguet couldn’t dive because of some medical issues. I guess she couldn’t make the pressure compensation because of it. So they used some tricks that it would look like she actually is underwater.

And I edited a very short video that focuses on her. In some ….sexy closeups:



What do you think about that scene?

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14 thoughts on “Female diver VS armored diver [For your eyes only][HD upgrade + a 2nd video]”

  1. This is great scene and though a vintage wetsuit would have been better I still think she looks sexy in that yellow plastic jumpsuit . If I recall correctly as soon as they surface the bad guys are waiting for them on board the boat and one of them pins her against a wall and cuts her sexy suit off with a large knife though sadly this is more implied rather than seen which is a shame. They then place bar back in the sea minus her dive gear.

  2. That’s funny : Carole Bouquet has been dubbed because she was unable to speak english and she was unable to go underwater because of her sinus. I can’t believe in this scene. It smells fake from begining to end. But the best is the other underwater scene with the hair dry. Her cold beauty is stunning but she’s laughable in this movie.

    • Yeah, well her beauty made the producers blind 😉
      She wasn’t the best choice for the role. That she needed to be dubbed is no problem for me. That was (is?) done pretty often. But these fake UW shots aren’t so cool.
      And her role is to “cold” for me…
      But however that scene in the sunken ship is still fantastic for me 🙂

    • The only “fake” part is the closeups though, they used a stunt double for all of the non closeup underwater footage.

    • Hey, you can use the contact page for such questions 😉
      But I do know that title, I posted it to youtube as well, so they all get to know:
      12 Feet deep

      Haven’t seen the movie yet, but it surely looks (and sounds) very promising. Even there is no scuba gear involved…

  3. I would have loved someone like the woman who wears the Kirby Wetsuit on this site in a scenario like that possibly fighting another woman in a hard hat helmet who ends up with the bomb blowing her up.

    • That would be absolutely unique… I guess. Good sceneario!
      I would like to see two women fighting each other….closing the air flow to the helmet…trying to cut each other air hoses.
      Stuff like that 😉

      • Yeah but you would want to hear them grunting, groaning and screaming as they do so. One of them would die an agonising death.

        • Of course…sound is as important as the graphics 😉
          “Agonising death”?….hmh, that would be optional by me….

  4. It would have been nice to see him cut her diving suit off, but I guess that might be a bit much for a James Bond film and it might have gotten expensive if they could not film it in the first take.

  5. it still cant top the earlier scene where she removes her regulator, flashes her sexy smile at Roger Moore and then swims to the surface.


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