A Female diver in a rubber wetsuit (and a male diver “trapped” underwater)

Another fine recommendation of “Allmanzor“, thanks for that!

I edited the video so that the whole scene is in it. So that you can understand what is happening, even it is not soooo important.

We do have a sexy woman in a perfect rubber wetsuit!


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And here is the video:

Well, I wished SHE would have been the one underwater in need of “help”. A shame we don’t see her underwater…

But well, I love her sexy, wet…wetsuit! She looks great in it πŸ™‚

And scenes in color with such wetsuits are kind of rare, so I’m happy with it!

Ok, it seems that they want Patrick Duffy to join that circus by showing how long he can hold his breath.

That is kind of ….odd. VERY odd.

  • He tries to “rescue” a diver. That diver could easily buddy breath with him, so he doesn’t need to hold his breath….the guys should know that.
  • And he is buddy breathing with him even if he is the Man from Atlantis ???? The diver seems to be well-informed (as he isn’t in any trouble) about the plan, so that doesn’t make sense.
  • And why should a guy without any dive gear save a diver, while another diver (her) could do that with scuba equipment?

Oh, man, who wrote that script?

…but well, we have a sexy woman in an awesome wetsuit… πŸ˜‰

IMDB-link to the episode

Your opinion on that scene?

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22 thoughts on “A Female diver in a rubber wetsuit (and a male diver “trapped” underwater)”

  1. Right I will try and keep it short after last week.
    She looks amazing, it’s a pity we don’t get a full length shot of her. This is the 3rd/ 4th scene of a beautiful woman in a gorgeous vintage wetsuit that has come from The Man From Atlantis. I really wish I had payed more attention to this show when I was younger.

    • Don’t worry, I love such detailed comments like that from you last week. And it was very enthusiastic πŸ™‚
      Yeah, that show has some really good scenes to offer. And such sexy rubber wetsuits in the late 70’s…pretty uncommon I would say.

  2. What can I say, it reminded me of the stowaway commercial.
    It always got me how women of that era looked so great in the black rubber vintage gear but were either totally unaware of how good they looked or seemed to dislike being suited up. In both situations they always seemed to strip off and disgaurd their gear asap and never go back to it.
    Anyway thanks for another great post. You run a great site.

  3. Wow!
    I love this scene! I saw this episode for the first time in the mid-90s. It was sad to see that she just emerges her shoulders out of the water and that the shots in which we see her whole are very far away. But for some reason, she has become my favorite scuba woman. I love her black wetsuit and her scuba gear. The water so wet her wetsuit that it shines in the sun.

    If I had a time machine to travel to the place and the day of 1978 in which this episode was filmed on that beach, I would be very happy πŸ™‚ I imagine her getting ready for the filming with her wetsuit and equipping herself with the scuba gear, and then she coming out of the water and being there to see her … That would be the Valhalla of the scuba !!!

    I researched about her: her name is Donna Garrett and she was 36 years old at the time of filming this episode, which was the last of this tv series. She was a stuntwoman and appeared in other old TV series such as Star Trek. On the internet there are a few pictures of her. I think she was beautiful, and with scuba gear, it’s an inspiring vision for me. I imagine that she is the owner of that scuba gear and wetsuit and that those are perfectly tailored for her, that’s why she looks so good: D

    Well. It is clear that this scene is my favorite, right?

    I have this DVD and the image quality is really excellent. Very enjoyable Congratulations for adding this episode to your collection, Siggy. I will spend all my life imagining what we can not see from that day. I am sure that somewhere inaccessible, there is celluloid with shots of her filmed that day and that sadly we will never see: D

    • Always interesting to see what other folks find sexy.
      Somehow ironic that she is a stunt woman in a scene that nearly everybody could have played. But perhaps it was some kind of reward for her.
      Thanks for the comment!

      • You’re welcome.
        Yes. She was always a stuntwoman in films like Bond “Diamonds are forever” and it’s interesting that she had a scene here with dialogue. Sadly, her name does not appear in the credits and just looking on the internet she appears credited in the episode as “student” of the scuba class πŸ™‚
        I hope that the director has not been satisfied with the result and she has been in the water for a long time repeating the shot, ha ha!

  4. Siggi, you must have read my mind as I was about to add Man from Atlantis to my requests list.

    That scene is a classic ‘ cheat ‘ in that we only got to see that girl on the surface, so frustrating we couldn’t see her underwater.

    I seem to recall an episode in which Patrick Duffy dives in full scuba gear with another man and then while underwater , he removes his gear and wetsuit to the astonishment of the other diver !

    I’m sure this scene was in some episode.

    I also recall a great scene from some kids show similar to Eye of the Storm in which a princess dives in a red swimsuit and scuba gear to explore some kind of underwater cave. After she returns to the surface, her servant asks her to go down again right away but she refuses. Does this ring a bell with anyone here ?

    • A princess in a red swimsuit? Was that a cartoon or a “normal” tv show? Never heard of it…
      But when it is only slightly similar to eye of the storm…regarding scuba scenes…oh boy, that would be something! Still I hope top see that whole series one day…

  5. Just remembered another one from a 90’s tv movie…..very similar to the one in BLACK WIDOW…..two women and a man go diving, one of the women runs out of air and starts to panic so the other woman shares her regulator with her.

    Most of these scenes I stumbled upon by pure chance while channel surfing.

    • Hmh, that sounds interesting! Perhaps you will remember the name of it…would be cool.
      Black Widow is one of my favorites! At first she tries to murder her…but the evil frogwoman has a change of heart. Really great struggle! And the sounds…. πŸ™‚

  6. Sadly I didn’t write down the name of that movie or of the tv show with the princess.

    Agreed about Black Widow, one of the all time greats.

    I’m not sure if Theresa Russell meant to murder Debra Winger but that’s one way to view the scene.

    Either way, its incredible.

    • Yeah, that’s my interpretation. The gauge seems to be manipulated (tank was empty). And she holds her down for a while, they struggle for some time. Then they stop struggling, she stares at her…. And after waiting some seconds she finally gives her the mouth piece. And she (the “villainess”) did found out (just before the dive) that she was in fact a FBI agent, that was investigating against her (murder cases). And not a friend like she pretended to be….

  7. yes and you can see it in Debra wingers face, she’s not sure what Theresa is up to, whether she wants to help her or kill her.

    and after they surface, Theresa acts surprised that Debra’s air ran out. So its very ambiguous.

    I like to picture an extra scene where they kind of make up and Theresa says

    ” I hope this wont deter you from diving with me again. I really liked being down there with you. ”

    and then they do go diving again another day !

    • #dive again another day
      My ending: Theresa tries to scuba dive to her yacht (to escape the FBI), Theresa intercepts her and they battle it out underwater. πŸ™‚

  8. A strange detail of this scene: at minute 1:43 we see the female diver in an inverted image. A mirrored shot. I do not understand the reason for that: /


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