Halo: Last Breath [“Out of air” -peril scenario]

Today I wanna present a trailer (and some pictures) from a rather….AWESOME video! No female diver in it, BUT something pretty close to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Among my favorite scuba scenes are a lot of “Out of air” scenarios. A female diver runs out of air or gets attacked by someone who pulls her regulator out or cuts her air hose.

If you love such scenarios too I would like to bet that you will love this video as much as I do!

On Heavy Gear Girls I found this thread. The oldest post is from 2010…..!!! All the planning for this video took a long time with some obstacles to get past. The producer/commissioner invested around 2.000$ of his own money into it. And now, after all that time the movie is available. I saw the trailer and knew immediately that it was worth following the production for all that time….

In this video, we have a female astronaut. She wears a helmet and a spacesuit with an air hose. After a crash, she wakes up in a vacuum-sealed room (no oxygen in it).

So she totally depends on her spacesuit and her precious air hose ๐Ÿ™‚

And we have a sexy female “alien” that observes her. And this dangerous, impulsive “alien” wants to play with the astronaut….. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Check out the trailer:


Some pictures from the trailer:

(click to enlarge the pictures to full size)

Well, I do buy “fetish”-videos of all kinds from time to time. 90% are Scuba videos or videos with masked women.

 I guess I bought around 30 to 40 single videos (in total) in the last 15 years. And some memberships that offered lots of videos on certain sites. But many others have spent a lot more in that time.

It would have been more, but I was often disappointed after watching the videos. Bad actresses that couldn’t play at all…. really bad costumes/masks….and moronic storylines.

So, yesterday I watched this video…..

….well, without any doubt the best “fetish video” that I bought so far for me! And NO, I wasn’t bribed in any form to write this review.

Why is it so great for me? Because it offers a fantastic “out of air”-peril scenario! The sounds as the villainess disconnects her air hose, making the air pouring out of her suit and from the air hose …. would be worth the money alone. The way the villainess plays with her prey that needs her suit and the air hose to survive…GREAT! That villainess is perfect….sexy, wild, and dangerous! The girl-on-girl action is very hot as well and adds to the thrill of the “out of air”-elements. And the astronaut that gets turned on by the sexy “alien” does a good job too. She knows she “plays with fire” but can’t resist the villainess. ๐Ÿ™‚

I think the limited money was well-spent for this video. The actresses did a really good job and the script provides good and very sexy lines. The music and especially the sound effects are on a very professional level. The costume of the villainess with the catsuit and these sexy boots is smoking hot. The costume of the astronaut is solid. With a bigger budget, it could get even better.

I would love a tight latex suit, a slightly wider air hose (more flexible, so that it can be squeezed ๐Ÿ™‚ ) long boots, and a helmet. A futuristic space costume…

Damn, I need big money to produce movies…


If you like to see such a woman in an “out of air” scenario…you definitely should buy this video!


It costs 20$ and runs 25 minutes.


UPDATE from the producer/commissioner: “Just contact Mr. Steve Noir at noir.steve@gmail.com and tell him you would like to buy HALO: Last Breath. It’s $20 and he accepts PayPal for now, although he’ll be releasing it on at least one website in the future”

I will keep you updated.

Would that be something for you?

Or did you already get the video? What is your opinion?

Please leave your comment below!


30 thoughts on “Halo: Last Breath [“Out of air” -peril scenario]”

  1. Very interesting.
    I’m not especially a fan of the choking scenes, but I understand the feeling that may occur in some people.
    My preferences go to women involved in shootings and weapons. My ultimate fantasy and in which I would invest money would be a short film with a bad diving girl in vintage wetsuit and infiltrating a humid submarine base and being shot in a gun fight ๐Ÿ™‚

    In any case, I understand your enthusiasm with this astronaut movie. And I would also like a tight latex space suit: D

      • Yeah! I know those pics. I have them in my collection ๐Ÿ™‚

        Not necessarily with death. That is very interesting. I confess one thing: I have ordered a couple of times custom videos of women in gun fights. Short films of five minutes. In both cases, the woman was wounded in the gun fight, but I wrote in the script that in the end, she would get up and say goodbye smiling, showing that everything was a performance. It may seem strange, but it is my way of defining that this is a fantasy and that I do not want those things to really happen ๐Ÿ™‚
        This is one of those clips:

        Sadly, I do not know any website that makes custom action and diving videos, especially with vintage gear. It would be my dream.

        • Yeah, the the danger of drowning/suffocating arouses me. The final result isn’t very sexy for me. I would rather prefer that she actually manages to surive. But the way that leads to it…escaping oxygen…that’s really sexy.
          Thanks for sharing that link. Always very interesting what others find sexy or which fantasies they like.
          Well, I know that there are some studios that offer underwater scenes with scuba gear. There are many studios on clip4sale for example. Have you tried to contact one of them? And since the actresses didn’t need to be underwater in your fantasy, it shouldn’t be to expenisve to produce.

          • Oh! I do not know those custom website videos of scuba scenes. I heard about clips4sale, but I did not investigate much. I will do it. Thank you!

  2. I have to say I really like this clip. I think her space suit is excellent and very sexy. While I am not big on the out of air scenario ( each to their own) I really love the scene were the astronaut has her sexy suit stripped down.

  3. Hey me again. Look Iโ€™m sorry if I annoyed you but I think I have an idea to make every body happy! What if you made it so only the vip frogwomen can see it? Just a thought.do not know how I would benefit seeing as Iโ€™m not even in it but still just a idea!

  4. Hello
    I lacked it very well the clip me would make it sore as it would look with the Astro latex suit the clip

  5. Where can I buy the clip it would like to see completely. Halo: Last Breath [โ€œOut of airโ€ -peril scenario]
    My English is not so good sorry

    • I contacted the guy who ordered the video, he says you can still buy it from the producer.
      So, like it says in my post:
      Just contact Mr. Steve Noir at noir.steve@gmail.com and tell hin you would like to buy HALO: Last Breath. It’s $20 and he accepts PayPal for now…

      Hope that helps!


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