A female diver and her male buddy discover a treasure

And now more scenes from this movie.

We have a female diver and her male buddy. They are searching the ocean floor for the plane she discovered earlier.

Later they find the precious content of the plane they were looking for…by kissing each other while dropping to the ocean floor… 😆


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, I still think they should have swapped their wetsuits-types, but no luck.

But pretty nice diving scenes from a pretty rare movie 🙂

And it is really a movie for folks who like to see scuba diving scenes in movies. More than 20 minutes of scuba diving in it!

If you wanna know from which movie this scene is:


What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “A female diver and her male buddy discover a treasure”

  1. Since youtube can’t do their single job, How about you just uploading that SOS and eye of the storm instead?

  2. sealed with an underwater love kiss – that’s gotta be some kind of record for breath-holding.

    female Japanese divers always look so cute in their wetsuits.

    • That scene is kind of cheezy….by their love they find the treasure…oh man.
      And record…I would say no. They are exchanging air 😉

  3. please post the scene from the same Urban Marine Resort Story movie where the couple emerge from the water at night to see the enemy’s boat, here they use snorkels for a while.

    • Well, I don’t know …this blog in kind of “specialised” in frogwomen in sexy wetsuit and/or frogwomen underwater with scuba tanks.
      And if you do know the scene…why do you want me to post it? Did you have it and deleted it by accident?
      Perhaps I might upload it “just” to the youtube channel…but I don’t know if there would be many folks who would be interested in that scene.
      I will think about it.

      P.S.: Jorge, I deleted your other 2 (same) comments. I first need to approve each comment. I guess you thought that there was an error by not seeing them, after you posted them.

      • yes, it was that error where my replies didn’t appear, and no i didn’t have that scene, but i distinctly remember that years ago a user named “kamati777” on youtube uploaded all the water scenes from that movie including the enemy’s boat scene at night, but the user account was deleted years ago sadly..


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