2 female divers, underwater scooters and a sunken plane!

Thanks to “TC” for mentioning the plot of this movie…so, that I could investigate further!

If you don’t know this pretty rare movie….you should check out this scene (and more scenes to be posted in the future)!

This movie has a lot to offer if you are into scuba. And it offers a lot of underwater footage!

In this first long scene, we got two female divers. One of them is new to scuba while the other one is an experienced diver.

They start to dive and play around with underwater scooters and some other underwater gadgets.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Google Drive

Well, that video has a lot to offer!

Vintage 80’s scuba gear, a lot of underwater gadgets, a short action/peril scene near the end, and some sexy wetsuits.

A shame that the guy wears that GREAT black wetsuit…and not one of the women.

And not many movies offer such lengthy underwater scenes…. 🙂

Part 2 can be found here:

Part 2

If you wanna know from which movie this scene is from:


What do you think about the video?

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10 thoughts on “2 female divers, underwater scooters and a sunken plane!”

  1. Nice scene. The woman in the white wetsuit looked pretty hot back on deck with her suit and gloves on. But I agree one of the women should have been dressed in his black shiny wetsuit, that would have been a treat. Speaking of treats ( and a fetish of mine not covers in this forum) it was great to see the lady chopper pilot strip off her masculine baseball cap and green bulky flying jumpsuit and harness and leave it in the chopper as she emerges from the water all dainty and feminine in her swimsuit and long black hair. I notice that when she gets back in the chopper she flys off without putting her sexy flight suit back on, preferring to fly stripped down and wet. Love it.

    • Well, glad that you liked it!
      But what exactly is your fetish? Sexy flight suits? Swimsuits?
      I need more details 😉

  2. Urban Marine Resort Story…. where did you downloaded this movie?, i can’t find it anywhere on the internet, where i can exactly download it?.


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