My Youtube plan and the future(?) of Frogwoman

I got some news for you. As you may know… I reached the 1000 YouTube subscribers I was looking for and requested that I may “monetize” my YouTube account. To be precise the videos, where no copyright claim was made (I guess 25-30%). That worked in the past with my old YouTube channel.

I build up the new one since January (after the old one was killed), and that was quite some work (especially) in the beginning.

Well, now I got the answer from YouTube….they declined my request. Quite surprising to me… and a low blow. Surprising because YouTube could have earned money (45% of the Ad income of these videos) and said “NO” to it. And a low blow because all my efforts to build a strong YouTube channel (and earn some extra bucks with it)…are now in ruins. Ok, it wasn’t completely for nothing as more YouTube subscribers mean more (often interesting) comments. But, nonetheless my motivation to run this blog (and the youtube channel) dropped a lot as I got the news.

But ok, I don’t want to give up for now and I do have one more (last) plan up my sleeve. Kind of the “last straw”.

I am quite happy about the number of comments, mails I received in the last months, that was kind of cool. But nonetheless, some extra money is highly welcome (and needed).

The VIP club was (and will be) my source of “income” from It never produced big money, but it was just enough that I would care enough to have it. I wouldn’t if I would have a job with better payment.

So, my plan to keep this blog afloat…..means only good news for you.

In the VIP club 2.0 (I know…not exactly creative) you will get more content for the same money as before (and one additional payment option).

The plan is to make the VIP club more attractive to more folks.

More details will follow in the next post later today.

And for those asking about the consequences of all that to the promised videos from SOS Barracuda and Eye of the Storm:

Don’t worry, the first video will be posted on Sunday. There is a light at the end of the waiting tunnel 😉


4 thoughts on “My Youtube plan and the future(?) of Frogwoman”

  1. Loved the VIP. Posts this month, the first two were great and the third was one of the best ever. I would have loved her to strip the whole of her very sexy dive gear off under water ,mask and everything and swim to the surface naked or revealing a swimsuit underneath, transforming her from a very sexy diver to an ordinary woman who can no longer dive.
    The cut air hoses were good but that’s more your thing and the stripping of gear is more mine.
    It always gets me that they never grab the flailing hose and sip from the air as it bleeds off. All divers are taught to do this from a frozen reg. but hey it’s even sexier that they are untrained Kemal ladies under water in all that lovely gear.
    Thanks for the your work it’s great.


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