A woman gets attacked by a scuba diver!

A woman discovers a scuba diver on a boat. The scuba diver grabs the woman and throws her into the water.

And down there the diver wants to use the scuba equipment to drown her… Does she have a chance?

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Guess you wanna see what happens?

Here you go:

*EDIT* March 14, 2022: Time for a proper text!

The scene is very interesting and I really like that she isn’t so passive and really fights back!

Two times she tries to steal his regulator, that’s how you do it!

Well, bad for him that his scuba knife is placed like this as she can reach it very easily.

Really funny how his air hose practically explodes as the knife just touches it…. 😆

And that explosion of bubbles also seems to knock off his scuba mask…. ?!? :lol:²

But it provides certainly a great impression of him screaming without his scuba mask and regulator.

All in all a very good peril scene 🙂

And here is the title of the movie:



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