WANTED: “The Incredible World of James Bond” (documentary)

Thanks to a nice guy on a forum I was pointed towards a youtube video in which I learned that there is a documentary TV special “The Incredible World of James Bond” from 1965 to promote the Bond movies and to keep the hype up about the franchise who was at an all-time high back then.

This is the IMDB page:



There seems to be quite a lot of Thunderball behind the scenes snippets in it, so I would LOVE to see the whole thing!

I tried any source to get my hands on this documentary, but no luck.

So, has anybody perhaps an idea where to get it?

It wasn’t ever released on any media as I think. Perhaps it was put as a special on a DVD or Blu-ray of a James Bond movie, but I haven’t found any proof of that.

So, if anyone has a nice link…. please use the contact form to get in touch with me!

Or leave a comment below!

If the video quality is ok, I would say I would like to offer 3 free months for the VIP club as a reward.

I already made a nice little “Thunderball bond girls on set” video out of the making of and the video mentioned above that I will post shortly.

But with the full documentary, I think I can make a better and longer video…..


Case closed as I got a hint by a nice guy about where to get that documentary!

Guess I will make a post about the Thunderball girls with some behind the scenes footage Sunday next week.

5 thoughts on “WANTED: “The Incredible World of James Bond” (documentary)”

  1. Hey, I have heard of that website. Its pretty good so far. I found something that might improve the website. There is a scuba scene from alev alev where Alev, the main character, gets into trouble underwater. Alev is potrayed by Rojda Demirer.

    • Thanks for the comment! Ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with the documentary, but ok. 😆
      Well, about which website are you talking about?
      The scene you mention from Alev Alev sounds interesting, will try to get my hands on it and will comment again then.

    • So, I checked the scene from Alev Alev. Yeah, I do like her heavy breathing in that scene but that’s about it.
      Everything else is done really bad and the whole story is so cliche. Perhaps I will make a post about that one someday, but then more as an example of how to not to make a scuba peril scene. 😉
      If I do…I will then give you a free month in the VIP club.

  2. This documentary is included on the Thunderball dvd Best Edition. If you want I can try to rip it and send it to you. The quality is not very good but I think it is the best you can find.

    • Hah, that’s a good hint! Thanks a ton!
      Well, I am just collecting Thunderball stuff the whole time so that DVD version will be a nice addition to my collection, even I have Blu-rays of the movie.
      I will get a copy and report back. Free months in the VIP club are reserved for you.


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