Video shoot 5 [Project F]

Just a quick post about video shoot 5 of Project F!

It went down last Sunday when we had the pool for 8 hours (like the last time(s)).

All in all, 6 frogwomen were in front of the camera at some point incl. the safety diver, Frogwoman Alice who participated in 2 videos.

In some of the videos, you will have up to 3 frogwomen in front of the camera at the same time.

I will release 6 or 7 videos from this shooting.

As scheduled, video 31 will be released on March 24 in the VIP club, and then a new one every 2 weeks.

All these videos will be also available to purchase in a video package but after one calendar month after their individual release in the VIP club.

All in all, I am happy with the shoot. Yeah, some things didn’t work out as planned/hoped, but that’s normal.

And other things… worked out pretty great actually!

I checked through the footage and I am sure you will like the videos 😉

As always I made notes on what to improve for the next video shoot, as this is a constant journey of learning new things as well for me.

I haven’t decided on which video to be released first… yet.

I did spend quite some money for the pool, new gear, and the frogwomen… and I hope that many of you guys will be interested in the videos and will get VIP club access.

In the summer (June) I wanna do my first video shoot in a lake, and a second pool shoot is planned for August/September.

I still have so many ideas for videos… so… if these videos make “enough” money… there will be plenty of more video shootings.


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