A scuba fight with 3 female scuba divers (and a guy)! [air hose damage included]

I do prefer live-action over animated scenes… but this one just has to be on the blog!

Thanks to the guy who recommended it to me some time ago!

We have a frogwoman and a frogman who encounter two evil female scuba divers 🙂


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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

There are a lot of interesting aspects to this one.

The scuba gear is very unusual! The evil female divers use some mini breathing devices like James Bond does in Thunderball.

And the two heroes have an even more interesting setup. They use oxygen masks with double hoses!

I guess both hoses are supposed to be intake hoses here as it wouldn’t be a big problem if the left hose would be damaged like that as that would (normally) be the outtake hose where the used air

gets transported back to the first stage to be vented out there.

But maybe I’m overthinking it already as the creators might not actually had a clue how that gear would work…?!?

However, I really like the scene with the damaged air hose! Nice sound effects and a creative scuba fight for sure.

The guy throws an octopus at one of the attackers… and she is out of the fight… at least.

Delilah grabs the weight belt of the other villainess who then ascends quickly to the surface… which can be deadly depending on the depth and the fact if she can stop the uncontrolled ascend

or not.

All in all a very interesting and thrilling scene 🙂

Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


A cool and fitting episode title 🙂

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There will be no weekly post on Sunday next week, as I am at the 5th video shoot of Project F then.

I will make a post about it in the days before.

2 thoughts on “A scuba fight with 3 female scuba divers (and a guy)! [air hose damage included]”

  1. Interesting way to dispose of the bad women but i doubt simply slipping off a weight belt without cutting her hose or whatever would allow her to ascend so quickly? As for the octopus again interesting but I’d still think the guy would have disposed of her without it.

    • For the octopus: Well, it’s kids cartoon and it was a funny way of disposing her non-lethally. Especially as she had the upper hand with the spear gun.
      Yeah, without the weight belt she wouldn’t have ascended that fast, especially if she would work against it. But again, it’s a kids cartoon and I think it was a somehow creative way to get rid of her without turning to much violence.


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