Update on Project F videos

Hey folks, I just finished editing the first video and it will be released on Sunday in the VIP club as I mentioned in my previous post.

I do have problems with an audio issue though so far. The camera picked up a rather annoying sound underwater that I didn’t hear back on Sunday.

I guess these are sounds from the pool technique machinery.

In the last few days, I tried some audio filters on the editing software Shotcut, which I use for my videos.

It wasn’t a big problem to practically erase that sound, but so far all these efforts also affected the normal/wanted sound as well.

I am just a beginner in that program but I will try my best to improve things.

Perhaps I will upload a file with the original audio and one with edited audio and you can choose what you prefer.


I do hope to get some help to fix this issue from someone who knows that program better than I do (especially the audio filters).

So, if you are very familiar with audio filters, especially the ones on Shotcut, please let me know. (Use the contact side).

In the meantime, some pictures from the next video to tease you 😉 :

(click to enlarge)




I bought a new red wetsuit recently that will be used in the future, check it out:



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