2nd shooting of Project F – A first impression

The originally planned 2nd shooting of “Project F” last month couldn’t be done since I got sick 🙁

But, today the shooting actually happened!

This time with a lot more underwater action since I tried some simple scenarios to see how directing such underwater scenes would work out.


Now I am really tired and quite “flashed” by all that happened today… so this post won’t be very long.

Yeah, there was a lot of improvising and future scripts need to be more detailed, longer, and more “polished”.

From today I learned a lot for future shots and already wrote down some ideas to improve things.

Especially communicating underwater as a “director” has to improve … perhaps with some gadgets.


All in all, I am very happy about this 2nd shoot.

A lot of things improved in comparison to the 1st one.

The pool was now something completely different: 25 meters long (82 feet) and one end was a little over 4 meters deep (around 13 feet)!

The lighting was much better this time and …as this was a regular pool (without annoying foil that could easily get damaged)…. we could use fins this time 😉

I am very happy I found this location and certainly wanna shoot there again.


The scenes we shoot today will result in rather short videos, but with a lot of action!

Pretty sure all the videos will therefore be presented in the VIP club as they will be under 4 minutes.

All the 3 frogwomen in today’s shooting showed a strong commitment and delivered some engaging action scenes.

I was and am very impressed by that!

Especially since one frogwoman actually cut herself several(!) times in one wild, fast action scene and behaved like that would be totally normal…. more or less.

Certainly just small cuts, but with some blood, so many others would have certainly freaked out.


So, that is all for now, I might post some teasers the next days 😉

I plan to release the first video of this shooting the next Sunday (September 25).

2 thoughts on “2nd shooting of Project F – A first impression”

  1. It sounds epic, I’m so glad you got a better pool and the ladies were committed to the performance, it sounds like they enjoyed doing it. Can’t wait to see the final product.


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