Update on Project F – First “job” offer….

I added some pictures of scuba gear that will be used in Project F to the page.

I’m looking for a diver (M/F) with some experience in filming (and some additional talents) for Project F!

Check it out (August 29 update):


I will put the job offer on some sites in the next few hours.

Will be interesting to see how many folks are interested in participating in such a project.

4 thoughts on “Update on Project F – First “job” offer….”

  1. The project is progressing, as we see.
    Can I make a suggestion? I have seen videos of women in wetsuits with the Sun facing the camera. The result is that the light is on the woman’s back, and we don’t see anything. If filming outdoors, if possible it is better that the sun is behind the cameraman, so we get the well-lit character and her beautiful shiny wetsuit: D


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