Title found + “Project F” news

1st post for today

1) I finally found the title/origin of one of the very few “mystery” videos on this blog:


2) A quick update on future Project F videos!

The next big video shoot will be on August 8. This time we will have the big pool for 8 hours, so one more hour than the last time.

I am already on the lookout for new frogwomen for the video shot and hopefully, the search will deliver some good results!


Also, I wanna have a (smaller scale) video shoot in a lake at the end of this month.

Never had a video shot at a lake so far and it’s not easy to find something that fits the criteria (especially visibility + some privacy) but I hope the search will end well.

I promised one new “Project F” video for the VIP club this month and that will be delivered.

Stay tuned for updates!

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