A vintage frogwoman in a very thin rubber wetsuit [Full movie]

2nd post for today

Time to finally post about this one…

This scene is from a TV pilot from 1959, and I am actually surprised that this was aired back in the day in the US.

Since the whole movie (just 27 minutes) is on Youtube, I won’t make a video of it.



(click to enlarge)

Here is the whole movie:

Yeah, certainly a nice scene!

First of all… that wetsuit of hers is quite unusual.

It looks like it is verrrry thin like 1 millimeter, otherwise, you wouldn’t see as “much” of her as we do in the movie 😉

And also it is reeeeeally tight-fitting… sometimes it looks more like she would wear a latex suit, but that isn’t the case.

Damn, I wish there would have been an underwater action scene with her in the movie… but well, in a TV pilot from 1959, that is extremely unlikely.

Even if they would have included her in an action scene underwater… they would have even used a male stunt double for her… back in the day.

But that would have been difficult with that wetsuit….very difficult… 😆


A shame that this TV pilot didn’t result in a TV show.

We might have gotten some more female vintage scuba scenes….

This is the IMDB page of the movie


What do you think of her scuba scenes and that outfit?

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