The next video shoot [Update – Project F]

The next video shoot is only 12 days away now and I am making plans and schedules for the frogwomen.

Alice will be back for her third shoot and will be the safety diver for most of the videos.

Kara is back once again and it will be her fifth shoot, so she participated in every video shot so far.

Lucy will be back for her 4th video shoot.

Demi will return for her 2nd video shoot.

I’m really happy that so many want to participate again (and also have time) πŸ™‚

Plus …there will be 2 newcomers as well (with a lot of diving experience).

Everyone (except Alice) is scheduled for 4 hours each of this 8-hour shot (so far).

So, all in all…. 6 frogwomen will be there in total.

Yeah, I will hand out quite some cash that day.

I hope that all goes well, that I’m happy with the video shoot, and … that you guys will enjoy the videos!

The first video of this one will be (most likely) released on March 24… exclusively in the VIP club.

4 thoughts on “The next video shoot [Update – Project F]”

  1. hi, what storylines do you have in mind?. I would love to see a pair of scuba girls pull under an unsuspecting swimmer overpowering them to bring them to the bottom of the pool to play with and finish of, or a pair of divers sneak up on a free diver one grips the free diver with a bearhug pinning their arms by their side whilst the other diver removes the mask and fins.

    • 2 divers vs 1 swimmer? Well, that sounds very one sided to me πŸ˜‰ , but yeah a possible scenario nonetheless.
      I am planning on doing a 2 freediver vs one diver …for example.
      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Well, both are very experienced divers and one of them is also a freediver, and she is in video 31 in the black wetsuit.
      You will see the other one in the new video that will be released this Sunday.
      Then I will write a little more about her.


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