The japanese frogwoman in rubber …and her antenna

Before I will continue with great scenes from comics, I got another video for you.

Well, this video is one pretty weird one! You have some Japanese heroine with a sexy rubber suit and a special …antenna on her.

But, you and I can ignore that pretty good, because the clip has quite a lot to offer. 🙂

First, thanks to the helpful user for reminding me of this video (as I haven’t posted it before).

Not only does our frogwoman dive and run around in a sexy rubber suit…no, but she has also to fight against evil scuba divers as well!


(click to enlarge)


And here is the video:

Ok, I don’t speak Japanese or Spanish, but the “plot” of this …fantasy show isn’t so interesting.

Looks more like batshit-crazy to me 😉

But, who cares if you have such a frogwoman in her sexy rubber suit? And even fighting underwater VS frogmen?

OK, the fight is more like comedy, since these henchmen can’t shoot at all with their spearguns…. 😆 … and need hours to grab her (even they still had loaded spearguns…(?), magical reload?)).

…and yet she manages to escape them ….to get trapped by a magical wire later on….(?!)).

Damn, how great would it be to have such a frogwoman in a real scuba fight (in a movie/TV series)?

In my version, she would be a highly skilled combat diver who fights VS several frogmen in a looooong scene 😉

The Spanish title of that show is:

Monstruos del espacio (English: The Space Giants)

Obvious a Japanese show…don’t know the original title yet.

What do you think of that scene?

And what do you think of her gear?

Leave your comment below!



9 thoughts on “The japanese frogwoman in rubber …and her antenna”

  1. This is probably the closest a movie or show will get to what I want out of a scuba scene. In my scene, a beautiful woman in scuba gear (wetsuit especially) fights an onslaught of evil frogwomen. One by one, the heroine dispatches them (bonus points if they actually die). In the end, however, it is too much, and finally she is either eliminated in the water or captured, brought back to land, tortured, and hung or shot.
    Alternatively, I want a battle between a group of good frogwomen and a group of evil frogwomen. Either way, we get to see sexy women in wetsuits meet their end.

    • Your ideas are very similiar to mine 😉
      Especially if the frogwomen have rubber wetsuits and double hose regulators. And with more hand to hand combat than distance combat with spear guns.
      And some cut air hoses should be included as well.
      Damn, where is the lottery money I need to become a scuba video producer? 🙁

  2. Have to say I am not a fan of the initial silver suit. But the wetsuit and dive gear are great. I am not crazy for the antenna but if she kept the wetsuit on as part of the deal I would happily go on a date with her antenna and all.

  3. Great! She looks very cool in that sexy grey wetsuit. It is interesting that you have found this show with spanish subtitles 🙂 “Monstruos del espacio” = Space monsters.
    I saw this video some years ago, when the Japanese mister “Mixnuts”, who has scuba content in Deviantart, wrote me that this woman in gray wetsuit with those … peculiar antenna, were his fetish since childhood.

    Thank you, Siggi. This video has better quality than the one I had seen.

  4. One must point out that the evil villain’s base intruder detection system is poorly conceived, to say the least. It seems to depend on a enemy diver just happening to brush their fin against a random fake rock. Even if every one single one of the hundreds of other rocks we see on the ocean floor there are fake and hooked up to their alarm ( which would be a ridiculously difficult thing to set up; they’d be working for years on their rock-based security system and not actually have any time or resources left to carry out any evil schemes), all an intruder has to do swim a couple feet higher and they can enter undetected!

    One has to wonder why filmmakers make these kind of decisions. It would have been easier, certainly cheaper, just to have a fake blip on a fake radar screen or glowing map and have some lowly minion say “Sir! Intruder has passed through the electronic detection screen! (You’d want to say “electronic” because that was a big thing then; these days equivalent gibberish would be “passed through the nano-tech detectors” or “Intruder has entered the quantum virtual detector zone!” or whatever.)

    But really, who cares? The cute girl in her adorable suit with the deeleebobber antennae makes up for anything! Cute girls have that power.

    • Well, you did really thought about it!
      For me, as I saw the girl with her antenna….I stopped wondering about anything 😉
      Insane, japanese comedy….BUT with a sexy frogwoman in rubber!
      Mission accomplished!


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