The frogwoman who was a spy!

The movie where this clip is from was recommended by a nice user, thanks a lot for that! For this reco he was rewarded with one free month for the frogwoman VIP club.

In this video, I edited for you guys and girls we see a sexy frogwoman in a gorgeous wetsuit. She is sent to infiltrate another country (South Korea).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

And if you wanna know which movie this was taken from:



7 thoughts on “The frogwoman who was a spy!”

    • Yeah, that would have been something!
      But I’m thankful for her in that suit, such a sexy suit is pretty rare nowadays…

  1. Another amazing suit scene. It looks like the suit was made to measure for her. It’s a real shame she was in it so briefly and we did not get to see her suiting up/ ditching the suit on the South Korean beach but hey I am really glad we got to see her in a sexy vintage suit like this in the first place in such a modern film. Let’s hope this starts a trend and these suits make a comeback in the diving community.

  2. I am sure a woman briefly wears a similar wetsuit to this one (and in broad daylight) in the Beatles film help. She is in shallow water on the surface being captured, I think the next time you see her she still has the hood but her wetsuit has been removed and she is just in a black swimsuit.

    • Hmh, I vaguely remember checking that movie. I guess I wasn’t very thrilled by that scene, but I guess I need to check that movie again…


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