Gigantic vintage Frogwomen picture set – 230 pictures!

For today I prepared a real big picture set! 230 pictures with even more vintage frogwomen on them!

They are all wearing vintage scuba gear….. that means a lot of sexy frogwomen in sexy vintage rubber wetsuits 🙂

I packed all pictures into one zip-file, so you just need to download one file and unzip it.

I do have much more pictures but I wanted to have a file size less than 100MB, so that you can download it without problems.




>>> And here is the file: <<<



I’m certainly no guy that keeps saying. “in the past everything was better”…

…BUT regarding the “sexiness” of scuba gear, it is certainly right!

These rubber wetsuits, the big air hoses…simply great!!!!



7 thoughts on “Gigantic vintage Frogwomen picture set – 230 pictures!”

  1. Mine downloaded as a Z-zip file, but it won’t open. It goes to ‘photos’ but says the file has been deleted or moved. It also shows as blank (a blue strip with no info) at the top of the Z-zip file list after I try to open it.

  2. The google drive site will let me view the pics, but I still can’t see a way to download them all into my pic or document files.


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