The frogwoman who enjoyed being in the water a little….too much

This one is on my radar for ages since it was recommended to me at least twice. Thanks a lot, folks!

Well, I’m not too excited about these scenes, but I’m sure that others will love these scenes.

A woman learns how to scuba dive in two scenes. In a third scene, she dives somehow too….but not as you may think 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

The scenes where she is in the pool are nice, but nothing spectacular.

The struggle in the final scene is quite….interesting, of course, I would have preferred her to wear her scuba gear…but well…no luck.

But the idea of her having second thoughts about killing herself and then struggling to survive her own death trap….was well done!

Wanna know from which movie this is from?


What do you think of these scenes?

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2 thoughts on “The frogwoman who enjoyed being in the water a little….too much”

    • Thanks for the link!
      Yeah, the story is quite interesting, there should be some more navy frogwomen in the future! Time to break down such barriers….

      Her scuba gear in this case isn’t so great. At least from the look….ok, if she is in the helmet she is pretty much masked and concealed. A mysterious frogwoman.
      That is something I do like 😉


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