“The Deep House” – The trailer is out!

9 days ago I posted about the new scuba/horror flick “The Deep House”:



Well, now….we have a trailer!

Check it out:


So far the …uncontested… biggest “new scuba movie” hope in 2021!

The trailer looks very promising! Actually, I do like that they haven’t shown the ghost/spirit so far.

Really looking forward to this one!

Scuba peril + an underwater house(!) + horror elements = sounds GREAT! 😉

What do you folks think about the trailer?

Leave your comment below!

5 thoughts on ““The Deep House” – The trailer is out!”

  1. This looks REALLY good! You’ve got a hot young couple scuba diving combined with a haunted house with as yet undetermined evil lurking therein…What’s not to love?! This sort of mashup could be easily botched but it looks like the director and cinemotographer handled it well. I am curious, though as to how this manor house wound up at the bottom of a lake.

    • Perhaps the house inhabited some evil folks that all people were afraid of. After it was decided to flood the valley and at the same time get rid of the evil folks (forcing them to move away)…they stayed, died, but still are hunting the house nowadays to get their revenge on anyone who shows up 😉
      I also like that the two have masks in different colors! I always like it if you do know who is who at the first glance. Especially in scuba fights, I like it if you can clearly see all the time who is who.
      In this case, you then always know who is attacked by…whatever is down there.

  2. This looks like it could be a really good movie, I like the look of the quarry/ lake they are diving, it’s got just the right level of creepy .
    Also from what I can see, she looks great in her modern dive gear.

  3. Although I’m not a FFM fan, this seems to be a very promising movie. The girl is very sexy and the underwater sets are really unusual and very creepy. I await this movie with many hopes…….

    • I do like FFMs, these ones are not my favorites, but ok.
      The release in France is just a little over one month away! Hope for a dubbed English version soon….or at least English subtitles.


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