The brave frogwoman, the dolphin and the hysterical frogwoman

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Diving with serious anxiety issues isn’t the best idea. And so is diving with someone who easily freaks out because of nothing.

In this episode, you can find two interesting scenes which show what can happen….

Preview, scene 1:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yeah, if your dive buddy panics….you are into deep trouble! And here that frogwoman panics out of nothing….as she is scared as there are so many fish around her….

Haven’t seen the whole episode, so I don’t know what’s behind her issues. But underwater, freaking out like that can easily kill you and your dive buddy.

Quite a nice peril scene though…and I like those Interspiro Divator masks 🙂

Preview, scene 2:

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And here is the video:

Yeah, the effects aren’t good as the toy model gets buried by false rocks 😉 , but ok, it’s a TV show.

Quite a cool scene as they are trying to escape the submarine, then depend on their scuba tanks to survive inside the submarine until they are finally rescued.

Damn, why I never find a submarine with trapped frogwomen inside? 😉

I don’t know why the blonde frogwoman let ….the unstable….woman drive that sub, but there can’t be a good reason for that.

I certainly wouldn’t let her drive that thing with her backstory (scene 1 + probably much more).

But ok, she did it and we got this scene… 🙂

Wanna know from which episode this is?


Quite odd, in the link it says episode 19…but it’s 20 to my knowledge.

What do you think of these scenes?

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6 thoughts on “The brave frogwoman, the dolphin and the hysterical frogwoman”

  1. In my 2 scenario, first her female should kiss her companion passionately, so she calm herself down, give her a soothing touch to relax in that scenario.

    Second scenario, if the kiss and touch doesn’t work, and the hysterical one run out of air on her scuba tank, trying to grab her calm dive buddy, the calm dive buddy and hysterical buddy will fight for it, in the end the hysterical one will lose consciousness, and she will be revive by the rescuer in the surface.

    That would be scenario.

  2. what a shame that when they were trapped in the Sub and needed to use the SCUBA tanks to breath that they didnt use the FFM’s to breath through and just used the normal regs. would have been so hot had they used the FFM’s.

      • the other scenario would have been had the one panicking used up all her air quickly and they had to share air, then one could have put on the mask and the other could have used the reg.

        but the part that i dont get is that when they get to the surface, the one that was calm, says “i didnt think we were going to get out of there” surely she wasnt worried as didnt show it at any time? also she must be used to it as they have that many accidents in this program that they should expect it most the time they go diving. in fact as much as i would like them as my dive buddies i would be worried that they have too many accidents haha

        • Yeah, certainly she is certainly not the ideal dive buddy. But I guess the two have a history together and she wanna help her.
          Perhaps I will one day watch the whole episode and then know for sure.


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