“Running out of Air” by Vicky Devika

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Time to present another stunning video from Vicky Devika!

Over the last months, I already presented 10 videos of her in which she wore stunning outfits and used all sorts of different scuba masks.

In these videos, some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

Today I wanna present the video “Running out of Air”.


Official description by Vicky:

I still had a little bit of air left in my tank after shooting Your Ultimate Frogwoman. I’ve always wanted to breathe a tank dry and get to know what it would feel like to run out of air underwater on scuba.

So I stayed under until I ran out of air, and I filmed it. Diving with a double hose regulator, I do not have a pressure gauge. With no way of knowing exactly how much air is left in the tank, I can only find out as it happens when breathing gets more and more difficult, signaling that the tank is getting empty.

I’m quite close to the surface and at no point is this an actual peril scenario, however just the thought that I am about to run out of air is quite a turn on. Don’t you think?

Here are some images from the video:

And a preview snippet:

The title alone is really sexy 😉

And the video delivers! As some sort of added ending for the previous video (check the description above) it shows how she slowly runs out of air.

Her tank is rather small in comparison to regular tanks so she can’t dive as long as with a regular tank. Sounds logical 😉

The video is rather short, but also less expensive in comparison with her other videos. So, if you never bought a video from her, this might be a good start.

As I mentioned in my last post “Your ultimate frogwoman” that scuba gear is insanely sexy! That suit and a double hose regulator…it’s very hard to top that.

Ok, I guess the old Technisub scuba mask (the picture on the far right in the headline of this blog) that you should know from some Hapwater videos…would be my ultimate “end level” as far as scuba gear goes.

But her double hose regulator is really great and it’s great to see how she is sucking greedily on it as she realizes how little air is left in her tank. And shortly after it’s completely empty… 😉

Here are the important links for you:

“Running out of Air” on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika’s website/links

What do you think of her dive in this gear and that scenario?

You are welcome to post a comment!

8 thoughts on ““Running out of Air” by Vicky Devika”

  1. Her dive gear is some of the sexiest I have ever seen. It’s a real shame this sort of scuba doesn’t make a comeback even in a retro kind of way, I know dive photographers who use modern day double Bose regs, it’s only a small stretch for the mask and suit to make a comeback.

    • Yep, her dive gear is insanely sexy. Yeah, there are a few new double hose regs out there but by far not enough.
      And the regular BCDs are obscuring the sight also. I have these wing jackets will become more standard as well…but I guess not since there are not many and they are a little more expensive.

  2. How much I hate BCDs !!!!!! It may be enough for a woman NOT to wear a buoyancy compensator to be much sexier. However Vicky’s equipment is fantastic, I keep hoping that sooner or later she will meet another girl who can act out fight scenes with her. Seeing Vicky I am reminded of a dive of mine twenty years ago in Mexico: that day I had a beautiful French girl as buddy: she arrived on the boat with a very tight, smooth black wetsuit. In that dive I didn’t even see a fish !!!! I couldn’t take her eyes off her with my heart racing. I still regret not having my camera with me ….!

    • Hmh, I don’t fully get your second sentence. But I guess you wanna say that women without a BCD do look sexier?
      I would agree on that. At least when it comes to the normal BCDs. But there are BCDs out there where the air pockets and practically everything is on the back:
      …so the view isn’t much obscured 😉
      Sounds like a great dive with that french girl! Yeah, after I got my first dives in the ocean I quickly bought an underwater camera to record videos of the dives 😉

  3. Yes, of course I just wanted to say that a woman without BCD is much sexier. The rear BCDs are actually better than others, but I definitely prefer without. If I think of my top 20 regarding photos or movie scenes, they are almost all without BCDs …….

  4. Well, tastes are very different. I think many enjoy seeing her in that full rubbery encasement (incl. me).
    And it seems that she does enjoy wearing such full suits as well, when you check all the videos she made.
    But in general it’s never really “wrong” to show sexy legs 😉

    • Sorry, had to censor that out of respect to her (that was rather rude and offensive from you).
      I saw her fully naked in videos and she has ALL the “parts”, so I say you are wrong about her


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