The bikini girl with the double hose regulator ….and the moray

A nice guy pointed me at this rare, old Italian documentary from 1977. Some of the parts are really odd and sometimes even disgusting from today’s point of view. If you love animals you might get a heart attack by watching the whole thing. But what makes this documentary interesting for this blog?

Well, we have lots of frogmen in wetsuits but only one woman. This bikini girl seems to be…eye candy (watch how the camera shows her in one scene….) for the viewers …and is feeding a moray!

She doesn’t have a wetsuit like the guys, but she has a great vintage double hose regulator…and that qualifies her for this blog. 🙂


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, I would have preferred if she would wear one of the wetsuits that the guys are wearing…but well, this bikini is…ok…as well.

As I said, I really love her double hose regulator, and in 1977 many divers already used the single hose versions, so it was a great find for me.

As cruel (and a little sexist) this documentary is…this scene is worth watching!

What do you think of the scene?

Feel free to leave your comment below!

Here is the link to the documentary:


5 thoughts on “The bikini girl with the double hose regulator ….and the moray”

    • Yeah, 99% of the guys are wearing wetsuits…but I guess the producers thought that “some” naked skin would be better for her.
      I am fascinated by her double hose regulator 🙂

  1. Great looking mask and regs on her, shame about the lack of wetsuit, the scene is a little sexist and her treatment of the fan coral she keeps touching would get you thrown out of the Red Sea these days. I would not worry to much about the eel getting injured, they were more likely to lose fingers .
    The piece is dated by today’s standards but it’s of its time and should not be airbrushed out of history, you can acknowledge how things were back then without emulating it today.
    I found the clip fascinating and would love to see the whole thing if only to see how pristine the Red Sea looked back then.
    Another great post , thanks.

    • Well, the eel got a rather good treatment. But in the rest of the documentary you see seals gettting shot with rifles, several water snakes sliced with garden shears…, wales harpuned, manta rays get shot with spear guns. Yeah, it was another time… There is a polar bear as well and Orcas, at least they won’t get harmed.
      I’m by far no animal rights guy…but many scenes in this documentary are pure sadism. But again, it was another time…

  2. Wow! It sounds like quite a disturbing show.( no wonder ther are no bloody animals left in the sea)
    But I suppose This show was made in a time when the only environmentalists were hippies and it was far more socially excepteable for a woman to be seen wearing a fur coat than a rubber diving suit.
    As for the killing it probably made the men feel brave ( there was a lot of that stuff back then)
    I would still be interested to see the program if I can find it.


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