Pamela Anderson scuba dives…and gets trapped in a cave! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #4]

This is the first scuba scene from legendary Pamela Anderson in Baywatch! With her Baywatch colleague Alexandra Paul, she goes scuba diving. But there is an evil diver already waiting for them, and he has some explosives ready for his fiendish plan!


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Here is the video:

The scene is pretty long, so it was no big surprise that it was blocked by YouTube right away. Then I uploaded the beginning at YouTube, that worked.

However, I wanna present the whole scene without cuts….so here it is the full 11 minutes:

Pamela Anderson scuba dives…and gets trapped in a cave!

Well, Pamela Anderson was always a…..highlight at Baywatch. And seeing her with scuba gear…is even better of course!

Of course, as usual, the air reserves are already nearly gone as they are trapped. A real classic, it seems that in all these movies and TV series….the people that get trapped underwater ….have always a near-empty tank. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The evil diver and his “indirect approach” to finish the Baywatch frogwomen make a really good peril plot. Of course, I would have preferred a more….”direct approach”. A surprise attack from behind would have been my favorite (they survive nonetheless).

Here is the episode this scene is from:



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6 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson scuba dives…and gets trapped in a cave! [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #4]”

  1. Beautiful scene.Damn, I remember when I saw these episodes at the time of their premiere on TV in the 90’s. 26 or 27 years ago. It looks amazing in HD. As always, thank you, Siggi.

  2. Very nice. I love the way they not only split up while using their hands to swim along but that they seem to run out of air almost instantaneously! Itโ€™s like they never ever check their gauges?
    I really love the way she ditches her scuba gear as soon as itโ€™s empty and never thinks about it again. But most of all I love how very sexy and inept these two look swimming along in their diving suits, very sexy indeed, i keep imagining them wearing them on a shopping trip to the mall with matching heels in place of fins and a matching handbag in place of scuba gear. But I donโ€™t know why.
    Maybe I need help.
    Great scene though.

    • I guess that’s the old “when trapped underwater, the tank is 95% empty”-rule. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And don’t worry, you don’t need help… I found so many way more weirder fetishes in the internet.


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