Evil frogwoman wants to drown a man with the help of a rope

I know this scene for a while and it’s a fascinating one.

There is one major issue though that prevented this one from getting posted earlier:

The available picture quality is quite bad…

Hopefully, I will find a better source with hopefully much better picture quality and better colors.

But still, it is certainly a scene worth watching!


(click to enlarge)

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*EDIT* November 6: A got the full movie (still in crappy quality) … so I got some background info. These characters are working in the same company and

are performing underwater ballet! But they have some serious issues and so people get murdered.

I really love the scenario! A female diver who wants to drown a guy with the help of a rope. That’s unusual!

It’s hard to say how realistic this is. I mean the guy is very buoyant and she needs to be strong enough to keep him underwater.

Perhaps… if she has a lot of weight on her dive belt… that is doable.

It’s a common trope that the swimmer just tries to get away instead of attacking the diver which might be the best option.

I mean as long as he isn’t attacking her she can attack him again and again.

She has scuba gear incl. a mask, fins, and a tank… she is far better equipped than him.

If he would attack her he could eventually turn the tables by ripping off her mask and stealing her regulator.

But he just tries to get to the surface and just drowns… I guess the female swimmer could try to revive him, but she keeps following the frogwoman.

The frogwoman just swims away, which is quite odd. I mean she has a big advantage over the female swimmer as well, but maybe she was impressed by her fighting skills.

*EDIT* November 6: I checked to full movie to see what is happening after the villainess unmasks herself at the beach:

Well, she walks away, and the female swimmer follows her unnoticed until the villainess reaches a hotel and just walks in… still in wetsuit and with her scuba tank.

Sadly, the camera only shows it from behind… and the picture quality is bad.

Hopefully, a version with better quality is available somewhere!

A scene where a female swimmer fights against a female diver is VERY rare stuff….

*EDIT* November 6: The title is something like:

Underwater Ballet Murder Case – A midsummer nightmare!

(translated from the Japanese title)

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