“Wreck Dive in Vintage Mask” by Vicky Devika

Time to present another stunning video from Vicky Devika!

Over the last months, I presented 7 videos of her in which she wore stunning outfits and used all sorts of different scuba masks.

In these videos, some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

Today I wanna present the video “Wreck Dive in Vintage Mask”.


Official description:

Following the tremendous success of my previous clip Reef Dive in Rubber I’ve decided to take you on another beautiful dive in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic! Let’s go dive on the Astron, a russian-owned cargo ship that sank in 1978.

It was a beautiful day with almost perfect diving conditions: no wind, warm sun and superb visibility. Once again I joined the local dive shop and shared the boat with a bunch of strangers. This time I was accompanied by 5 German tourists. They certainly knew what was up when they saw me get geared up in full rubber!

For this dive I’ve also donned my favorite dive mask: a vintage US Divers Aqualung oval mask. My newly serviced faithful Dacor reg, a custom rubber BCD and a pair of vintage rubber fins complete the frogwoman outfit. All black rubber.

Double check your gear, make sure your valve is open, your reg is flowing and jump with me in the warm tropical waters!

Here are some images from the video:

And a preview snippet:

I like this video even better than her ocean dive! Wreck dives are always very interesting as there is “more” to see and it’s also a great setting for potential perilous situations.

I posted quite a lot of videos with wreck scenes over the years. In many movies or TV shows, divers get trapped in such wrecks ….or even get locked up by other divers 😉

Of course, I do envy my fellow countrymen who had the chance to be on the same dive with her. The dive shop should actually pay Vicky to participate in these dives 😉

Her Aqualung US Divers mask surely screams “Thunderball” to me as the Navy frogmen used that in a blue version! And everything related to Thunderball is always a bonus for me.

As I watched the video for a while I realized that Vicky was actually losing air during her dive, as you can see best on picture 6 above^ (behind her, right where her regulator is mounted on the tank)! I would guess that one of the O rings needs to be changed?

Even the amount of lost air doesn’t seem that much, it’s a nice little peril factor for sure 😉

I also noticed that she reached for her rubber hood quite a few times during the video. Perhaps the isolation didn’t work perfectly? I can only guess.

Certainly, this setting is just perfect to imagine some fine peril scenarios!

What if one of the other divers would be hiding inside the wreck for a surprise attack? What if she would get trapped inside the wreck?

What if her tank would lose more air as the leakage gets worse?

Just some of my thoughts 😉

Looking forward to her future underwater adventures!

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What do you think of her wreck dive in this gear?

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A caged frogwoman, a gigantic shark and Jason Statham

This post is long overdue! I was pretty sure that I posted about the movie as soon it hit the theaters back then, but not here on the blog.

This movie has one really GREAT scuba peril scene and I made two videos to incl. the whole scene without making a too long video.

Nonetheless, it was blocked on Youtube but in this case “only” in France and some french overseas islands/regions. So 99% should be able to see it.

This movie has gigantic Megalodon sharks and obviously, you shouldn’t take it as a “realistic” movie. You should just have fun watching it.

I am pretty sure there isn’t a single really realistic shark movie anyhow…so…no need to care about the realism in it 😉

We have a yacht full of folks who wanna catch a living Megalodon.

Of course, it’s not as easy as they thought…..

Preview, part 1:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:



Preview, part 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


[Watch the videos before you continue!]

[Watch the videos before you continue!]

That was quite a ride for her….

Not exactly a nice thought of being stuck in the mouth of that MEG!

Her wetsuit is quite sexy for a modern suit and it’s nice that she doesn’t have a BCD.

Bingbing Li does a good job in the movie and here in this scuba scene!

I love the tension as she is alone in that cage, she knows the shark is somewhere, and we can clearly hear her exhaling through the scuba mask.

And the air loss peril scene is just great! I am not 100% sure if it is realistic, as I think that the actual incoming air gets only in the “closed” area around the mouth (unless you wanna clear the whole mask underwater). Also, her air is depleting too fast in my opinion when we see the percentages going down rapidly.

But anyhow, I love the sound of the exiting air and her reaction to it. The sentence: “My mask is broken, I’m losing air!”….pure gold. 😉

I think it was a wise choice to leave the mask on even as her oxygen was gone. With the mask on she couldn’t inhale water, she was “just” passing out.

As you can see here, the movie features an actress which plays a MASSIVE role on my other blog. In this movie, I actually really saw her for the first time.

Wanna know from which movie this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

You are welcome to leave your comment!



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