“Reef Dive in Rubber” by Vicky Devika

Time to present another stunning video from Vicky Devika!

Over the last months, I presented 6 videos of her in which she wore stunning outfits and used all sorts of different scuba masks.

In these videos, some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

Today I wanna present the video “Reef Dive in Rubber”.


Official description:

I’ve been wanting to go scuba diving out in the ocean in full rubber gear for quite some time, and I finally made it happen! This is the footage from 2 fun boat dives with a local dive shop. Yes, I geared up in full rubber on the dive boat! The other divers were definitely curious about my “wetsuit”. The dive master on the other hand is used to my craziness by now.

Full head to toe rubber, vintage rubber fins and my old faithful Dacor regulator adorn my sexy body as I swim around the reef, enjoying the view. Now in this clip, I don’t get as sexual as I usually do in my other releases… for obvious reasons of course, being with a group of 5 strangers on a dive boat…

Still, I did manage to fall behind the group a little bit and “scratch that hitch” for a few seconds. Honestly, this only made me feel more aroused… Now I’m hooked, I have to do it again!

Join me for fun times in scuba! What are you waiting for? Just dive in!!

Here are some images from the video:

And a preview snippet:

The new scenario in this video is really great!

I read the description before I watched the video and immediately my mind started spinning 😉

I mean she was on that dive boat with 5 strangers (+the dive master) and actually put on that rubber suit!

Not too hard to imagine what the others have thought about it 😉

And I can applaud her for having the courage to do that! Not many would do that I would say.

I wonder how the others reacted to her in that outfit? I guess some blushed a bit and tried desperately not to gaze at her too obviously.

Pretty sure that’s what I would do…. 😆

Diving in such an outfit must be quite a sensation and I think the other did enjoy the view she offered as well. Well, perhaps the straight women not so much, as they became rather jealous (I guess).

Also, it is great to be able to just go to a local dive shop and get on such a dive. If I want to go diving at some place where you actually can see something (in both meanings) I need to get onto a plane.

The scuba mask and the great Dacor regulator are a great addition to her stunning rubber suit!

And this video will be only the start, there is more ocean footage to come! Even with a double hose regulator 🙂

Here are the important links for you:

“Reef Dive in Rubber” on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika’s website/links



If you click on the last link of those above….you can find a preview of a great picture collection of 34 smashing pictures of Vicky in rubber with all kinds of scuba gear and gas masks!

(the big version of this picture can be found on her page)


The picture collection is another bonus if you follow Vicky on Onlyfans. 😉

My favorites are her in that gas mask with the twin hoses (just PERFECT!) and the pictures with her double hose regulator.

What do you think of her ocean dive in this gear?

You are welcome to post a comment!

2 thoughts on ““Reef Dive in Rubber” by Vicky Devika”

  1. Thanks for the feature! It’s always great fun to dive in full rubber gear like this. While it doesn’t keep me as warm, I find my rubber suit to be more comfortable than a neoprene wetsuit.

    I’m starting to be a regular with the local dive shop, as I go to dive regularly. The whole crew knows me well now. They’ve all commented on my suit, how nice and form fitting it is.

    As for the other divers on the boat, each time is a different adventure ? The other day there was this young American couple and while he was quite chatty, discussing gear with me etc, she certainly wasn’t too pleased. She looked super hot in her wetsuit though, so I don’t know what she was so insecure about ?

    Overall I just tend to mind my own business, not really paying attention to other people’s reactions. After all, I do this for me, because I enjoy using the gear and wearing the suit… Having fun is what truely matters and wearing my rubber makes me a happy frogwoman ?

    • Thanks a lot for this insight, Vicky!
      Surely that American woman saw you as a thread as you were putting on such a suit 😉 (#jealous as she was with someone)
      Will be interesting if that dive shop will get more divers when you are diving there on a regular basis 😉


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