Our frogwoman attacks the villain! – Deep Gold, Scene 4

Time for one last scene from the movie… scene 4 of this epic scuba flick!

Actually, this scene doesn’t have a scuba scene… but our heroine is still in her latex suit and has a “drowning battle” with the bad guy!



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And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

The guy was lucky that the flame of his lighter was suddenly out again before the fuel was all over him 😉

And the cheap CGI helicopter looks pretty bad…

But what is important is that we have a bunch of scenes with our heroine in that latex suit running around on that yacht!

And of course, that villain/director/producer has an underwater scene with her so he can fight with her…. #naughty

She looks great in that suit and the drowning scene is really nice, even though it was no surprise that she… with her freediving skills… could easily outlast him and he would drown before her.

Luckily for her, she gets rescued before she would drown herself as well (there is another scene with her after this one).

Her friend even overcomes her diving trauma (flashback) that was mentioned earlier in the movie.

There is more footage of our latex heroine as she finishes off a henchman on the yacht quite brutally… but the video would have gotten too long then, and too brutal for Youtube as well.

Anyhow this movie should be in every collection of someone who likes female scuba scenes… so you should consider getting the Bluray, even though is quite difficult nowadays.

IMDB page of the movie:


(….as you can see, the folks without a scuba fetish don’t like the movie that much….)

What do you think of this scene?

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2 thoughts on “Our frogwoman attacks the villain! – Deep Gold, Scene 4”

    • Well…. yes, as I mentioned in this post and posts 2 and 3 for this movie…. it’s a latex suit instead of a normal wetsuit.
      The kinky idea of the producer/director who also is playing the villain.


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