New Thunderball videos!

I wanna show two Thunderball videos (not from me this time) that V has recommended me (THANKS a lot)!

In the first one, you can see the famous “Bond VS Spectre diver” scene in that underwater cave without music (score)! That means you can only hear the sounds (breathing, bubbles, moaning)….check it on page 3 of my Thunderball project! (the 2nd video on that page).

And the second video is some material about the premiere of Thunderball and some behind-the-scenes stuff. In the video, you will see the famous scenes (that weren’t in the movie) with Paula Caplan (Martine Beswick) and the SPECTRE frogmen that attack her. And in “moving” pictures!

(around 1:30 in the video)

Ok, just in black and white. But I never saw these scenes in a video…” just” on pictures.

What do you think about these videos?

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1 thought on “New Thunderball videos!”

  1. Amazing Martine Beswick. In the behind the scenes documentary in DVD edition of Thunderball, we see her for a few seconds closing the zipper of her orange wetsuit jacket 😀


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