Jessica Alba trapped underwater! [+Bonus video][Flipper]

Time for more scuba action from (the newer) Flipper TV show!

In the first video, Jessica Alba dives around to find some treasure….but soon she gets trapped as her dive buddy is very reckless!

And…of course….her air is already 99% depleted as it happens! Surprise!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Nothing special, but a nice “out of air” scenario with Jessica Alba in her youth!

Picture quality could be better, but keep in mind that this show was never released in HD or even on a DVD.

Hopefully, that will change someday.


IMDB-link to the episode:



I got a bonus scene for you from another episode, to show that modern wetsuits can be sexy:

*EDIT* Now in the correct aspect ratio….

Yeah ok, the show is from the ’90s but that suit is the era of modern wetsuits already.

I really like that smooth skin wetsuit, even I would prefer it to actually have sleeves.

But the smooth skin texture is very sexy for me as it is the closest nowadays we can get to the epic vintage rubber wetsuits 😉

And the fact that she “strips” down to her bikini doesn’t hurt as well….


IMDB-link to the episode:


What do you think of these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Alba trapped underwater! [+Bonus video][Flipper]”

  1. Her dive buddy is incompetent and reckless. YES, he leaves his scuba tank to her, but never return for her, he let other dude to save her ?. If I was him I would not left her by her side and first all I would not disturb the wreck at all.

    • Yeah, I don’t know why he was pulling on that rod for, not a smart move.
      Well, he had to leave her at some point as he was already low on air as well.
      But of course he should than come back to her ASAP.

      Plus both should have been long gone by then as you normally ascend if you are down to 50 bar on a 200 bar tank.


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