Frogwomen! – pictures – #10

Time for some new frogwomen!

One of them is especially sexy….what a dream it would be to see her underwater in action!



And here are all 7 pictures in full size:

(click to enlarge)

I guess you already know which picture I mean 😉

Near perfection! The black suit, the double hoses, the mask…. WOW!

Imagine an underwater fight scene with her…  🙂


6 thoughts on “Frogwomen! – pictures – #10”

  1. That’s Strakrubber’s wife in the shiny black suit & double hose tank. Strak’s on Aquafans & posts a lot of pics of his wife diving & modelling her scuba gear- she usually wears a black smoothskin beavertail.

  2. Hi there wilkinss77, so nice to hear from you that you still love her picture although it’s been a while I took it. Love your space on the web! All the best!

    • Hi Strakrubber, I’m the creator of this site (and I was looking for you and your pictures on Aquafans. But since they are gone now, I was too late. I love this picture and I would love to see more!
      Any chance for a link with these pictures? Greetz, Siggi

  3. Hi Siggi,sorry that I thought that this was someone else his space on the web. We are on Fetlife, search for Retrodiver. There are quite a few pics there. You may use them on your site if you want. Just make a screenshot 😉 Grtz.


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